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Preschool November Themes

Thanksgiving isn’t the only thing worth celebrating in November.

Keep reading for great preschool November themes to use with little ones.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Why Use November Themes in Preschool

Keep the joy of learning ignited by using preschool November themes.

Each week (or so) can be a different topic, which keeps learning fun and engaging.

Teach your littles about things that are currently happening or are essential to know (like fire safety).

This helps to draw them in because they can experience these themes firsthand.

Preschool November Themes

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

What to Do with the Preschool November Themes

Read through the ideas of preschool November themes below and gather ideas for what would work in your learning setting.

For example, learning about Thanksgiving in November may not make sense if you live in Canada.

Use the preschool November themes as a springboard for ideas.

Take the theme and build activities, learning games, crafts, and collect books all about the preschool November theme.

Preschool November Themes

November Themes for Preschool

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Is this a cop-out? Maybe.

But how could we have a preschool November themes post without including Thanksgiving and Gratitude?

Throw in turkeys for good measure.

There are so many great ideas for this November theme; I’ll leave you with this one, which you may not have tried before…

A fun grateful banner!

Preschool November Themes


Work on manners through dramatic play and stories.

It’s the perfect time to practice because Thanksgiving dinner will be a real-life experience where littles can ‘show off’ their new manners!

Like with most things, the more manners are practiced, the more habitual they become.


The full moon in November is called the Beaver Moon.


Because beavers were most active at this time of year.

Living both on land and in the water, beavers are sure to intrigue your little learners.

Take advantage of this clever connection and learn about this paddled-tail friend.

Preschool November Themes


America Recycles Day is November 15th.

Teach about recycling, why it is crucial, and what would happen if no one recycled.

Perhaps even collect items to be recycled (and some garbage pieces) and have your little ones practice sorting them into the correct paper, plastic, and garbage bins.

You can also break out these books about recycling!

Veterans Day

Veterans Day can be a bit touchy with preschoolers.

The concept of veterans is tricky for a preschool mind to understand.

The idea of fighting or a nation being ‘under attack’ can cause unnecessary stress or worry.

Start by focusing on bravery (and how preschoolers can be brave), patriotism (loving your country), and service (helping the country).

Encourage your preschooler to devise ways to be brave, show they love their country, and help others through service.

Preschool November Themes


STEM Day is November 8th! Bring Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Math into everything you do for this week.

Bring awareness to your littles that STEM concepts are all over.

From cooking to drawing to closing a play house door, all these things have an element of STEM.

Set up STEM challenges to help spark an interest in STEM and to work those fantastic brains!

Preschool November Themes

Preschool November Themes

Look at the November themes for preschoolers and pick out your favorites (and the ones you may not have already covered).

Use these preschool November themes to gear up for a fantastic November!

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