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Grateful Banner Thanksgiving Craft

Help your little one show what she is grateful for by making this Thanksgiving craft.

The cute banner will remind her to be thankful.

Grateful Banner Thanksgiving Craft

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Why Make a Thanksgiving Preschool Craft

Showing your preschooler that there are many things to be grateful for is a great way to help her understand that not everyone has everything she has.

Some people don’t have a house, a car, or a family.

Bringing this to her attention may help her to see that she has a lot to be thankful for.

It may even reduce the asking for toys at the store 😉 (a mom can hope).

There are multiple ways to do this Thanksgiving preschool craft.

If you would like, you can trace and cut out all of the handprints at the beginning of November.

Have her pick a hand each day and choose something new each day to be thankful for.

By the time Thanksgiving comes, her grateful Thanksgiving banner will be extra long!

If you would like to do it all in one sitting as it is written below, that’s fine too!

Are you looking to practice scissors skills?

This thanksgiving preschool craft has ample opportunities for your preschooler to practice cutting.

If you are doing one hand per day, you can have her cut out the hand each day to get some daily cutting practice in.

Grateful Banner Thanksgiving Craft

This thanksgiving craft looks good with the fingers pointing up (like turkey feathers) or with the fingers pointing down.

It may be a bit easier to connect them if you have the fingers pointing down.

You’ll want to decide which way you want the hands to go before you start so that you can make them all go the same way.

Your little one can practice pattern making by choosing a pattern to create with the colored hand prints.

Saying the colors out loud while making the pattern will help her to hear what colors should come next in the pattern.

Once she has made the pattern, you can attach together your thanksgiving preschool craft.

Items Needed

  • construction paper (red, brown, yellow, green)
  • marker
  • stapler
Grateful Banner Thanksgiving Craft

How to Make a Thanksgiving Grateful Banner Craft

1 – Trace your preschooler’s hand on construction paper.

2 – Cut out the hand print.

3 – Use this one handprint as a template to make more hands.

Trace the handprint on multiple colored papers, multiple times.

You can make as many or as few as you want.

4 – Using a marker, write on the palm of the hand print one thing your little one is grateful for.

5 – Repeat with the rest of the handprints.

6 – Staple the handprints together to make a banner.

7 – Hang the banner somewhere that your little one will be able to see the Thanksgiving craft frequently.

Grateful Banner Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving Craft

Whether you choose to do this thanksgiving craft while you are waiting for your turkey dinner to cook or if you choose to do it a few weeks before, it is sure to get your preschoolers thinking about all they have to be grateful for.

Proudly display your banner to remind them of all they have to be thankful for.


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