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Friendship Bracelets

Your littles will love making something for their friends.

This simple friendship bracelet is both easy to make and cute!

Friendship Bracelets

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Reasons to Make Friendship Bracelets

Your little ones are learning that they can give someone they love a gift to brighten the person’s day.

Because this craft uses items you most likely already have at home, it is also teaching them that it isn’t how much money you spend on something but the love and effort that is put in.

Hand and eye coordination are required to string straw pieces onto a piece of yarn.

Your littles will be working on concentrating and persisting as they make friendship bracelets.

Color identification and pattern making can be practiced if you choose to use multiple colored straws.

Encourage your little ones to name colors or to say the pattern as they are placing the straw pieces onto the yarn.

If your little one doesn’t want to make a pattern, that is okay, too!

Friendship Bracelets

Taking into consideration what others like is part of making a friendship bracelet.

Having your little one think about who she wants to make the bracelet for before she starts will help her to choose colors that the person likes.

This teaches your little one that what she likes doesn’t always match up with what other people like.

When making something for someone, you want to choose items that you know that person likes.

This friendship bracelet activity is a great way to get your little one thinking about others.

If you are looking for other things to do with your little ones that involve friendship, check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

Week 4b is a bonus week that is all about friendship!

Items Needed to Make a Friendship Bracelet

  • straws (multiple colors, if possible)
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • tape (optional)
Friendship Bracelets

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

1 – Cut your straws into multiple pieces.

You and your littles can decide if you want all of the pieces to be the same size or if you would like them to vary in size.

2 – Take the yarn and cut it to larger than wrist size.

The straws will take up room so be sure to make it larger than the wrist.

3 – Have your littles pick out what colors they want their friendship bracelets to be.

Ask if they want to do a pattern with the colors.

4 – Let them begin to string the straws onto the yarn.

You may want to tape an end of the yarn to the table so the straws don’t come off after being threaded on.

If your littles are struggling to get the yarn in the straw, you may want to wrap some tape around the end of the yarn.

This will make it easier to thread with.

5 – Once all the straw pieces are threaded on, tie the ends together.

Put multiple knots in to help prevent the yarn from easily being pulled apart.

6 – Have your little ones give their friendship bracelets to special people in their lives.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet

What a joy it is to receive a handmade gift from someone special.

This easy craft is sure to brighten Grandma’s day when she receives it!


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