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Father’s Day Handprint Craft

This easy Father’s Day handprint craft will be a hit with Dad. It’s a great way to remember you preschooler’s little hands forever.

Fathers Day Handprint Card

Why Make a Father’s Day Handprint Craft

Handmade crafts and cards are fun for little ones to make and tend to go over well with loved ones.

These precious little Father’s Day handprint craft cards are the perfect way to always remember how little your preschooler’s hands were went they were little.

They are incredibly easy to make and can be personalized by the preschooler.

Fathers Day Handprint Card

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Kids are able to express their creativity while making the Father’s Day handprint craft. They can add pictures of Dad and them or draw flowers and hearts. They may even wish to draw their own favorite things on the card. Let them make the card their own.

There is a great deal of fine motor skills being practiced while making these Father’s Day handprint craft cards. Preschoolers can practice cutting when cutting out the handprint card. They practice holding and using crayons or markers when decorating the card.

They are even practicing writing their name when signing the card.

Fathers Day Handprint Card

Items Needed

*cardstock or construction paper

*coloring tools (crayons, markers, etc)



Fathers Day Handprint Card

Father’s Day Handprint Craft How To

1. Decide what color paper to use to make the Father’s Day handprint craft. If choosing white, it can be decorated with coloring tools (crayons, markers, etc) later.

2. Fold the paper hamburger style as if making a traditional card.

3. Place the preschooler’s hand on the folded piece of paper in such a way that their wrist is on the fold.

Fathers Day Handprint Card

4. Trace your little one’s hand, keeping the wrist on the fold of the paper.

5.Cut out the paper but DO NOT CUT THE FOLD. Keeping the fold intact will ensure that the paper stays together and doesn’t end up being two handprints instead of a card.

6. Turn the card so that the thumb is facing up. (We wouldn’t want to make a thumbs down card 😉).

Fathers Day Handprint Card

7. Write “Happy Father’s Day” on the front. If your little one is is up for it, you can always lightly write the letters in pencil and encourage your little one to trace the letters.

8. Open the card and invite the preschooler to decorate the inside of the card.

Fathers Day Handprint Card

9. Have your little one sign the card on the back and be sure write the year. This way when it is brought out of the memory box it can easily be remembered who gave the card and what year. You may wish to even write the age of your little one.

Fathers Day Handprint Card

Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day handprint craft cards are so easy to make and still allow your little one to put their own pictures and designs inside. Plus, they require limited supplies, are perfect for last minute crafting, and make a great addition to a memory box. 😉

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