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Paper Snow Globe

This paper snow globe craft is a great way to let your little one’s creativity go wild. It also makes a cute gift, too.

Paper Snow Globe

Benefits of Making a Paper Snow Globe

Crafting a paper snow globe can offer many benefits to preschoolers beyond having fun.

First and foremost, littles will be using their creativity and imagination.

These are often viewed as “oh, that’s nice but isn’t really needed” skills.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Learning to use and express creativity and imagination is essential for preschoolers’ development.

With using their creativity comes fine motor skill development.

Preschoolers will draw, cut, color, and decorate their paper snow globe crafts.

All of these activities require the tiny muscles in the hands to work.

These muscles are what are used when zipping zippers and holding pencils.

Paper Snow Globe

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These paper snow globe crafts are a great addition to discussing weather and seasons.

If you are teaching about snow or winter, try making these snow globes so little ones can draw in items they are learning about that go with the winter season.

We can’t overlook the wonderful benefits of bonding and communication that will happen when you and your child(ren) do crafts together.

Plus, your little one will feel pride when their winter craft is complete.

Paper Snow Globe

Materials Needed

  • white paper (or paint)
  • colored construction paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • something circular to trace (like a bowl)
  • glue
  • coloring tools (crayons, colored pencils, etc.)
  • glitter; optional but fun
Paper Snow Globe

How to Make a Paper Snow Globe

1. Trace a bowl (or something similar) on a sheet of paper. You can use construction paper if you don’t have thick white paper (like cardstock).

2. Cut out the circle. If your little one is familiar with using scissors, let them cut it out! It’s excellent scissor practice and will add personality to the snow globe.

3. If not using white paper, paint the circle with white paint.

4. let your little one draw and color a scene in the paper snow globe. You may want to talk about different things that can be included, like snowmen, trees, and birds.

Or, let your little one’s imagination run wild! Imagination and creativity are amazing things.

5. Cut out a rectangle from the colored construction paper for the base of the globe.

6. Glue the rectangle to the bottom of the globe. Be sure to put the rectangle in front of the circle to cover a sliver of the bottom of the snow globe.

7. Start adding the embellishments to make the paper snow globes sparkle! Glitter, sparkly gems, other items cut out of construction paper, and pom poms are only the beginning. There are many great things your little one can include to make the paper snow globe pop.

If using glitter—Add some glue to where you would like to include glitter. Sprinkle the glitter over the paper snow globe.

8. Shake off the extra glitter onto a sheet of paper. This makes it easier to fold the paper in half and put the glitter back into the jar.

Paper Snow Globe

Snow Globe Made From Paper

There are many cool things that your little ones can add to their paper snow globe.

Try reusing items, bringing in different embellishments, or even adding photos of your little one into the snow globe.

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