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Preschool February Themes

We have all the heart eyes over these fun February preschool themes. There is more than just Valentine’s Day to learn about.

Preschool February Themes

Benefits of Using Preschool Themes for February

The middle of the school year can seem a bit drab after all the fanfare that December (and the holidays) brings.

But that doesn’t mean themed topics need to end.

You’ll see that the February preschool themes are more than just holiday celebrations.

Different science topics, a new continent to discuss and explore, and the beauty of diversity are all up for grabs in February.

By using preschool themes for February, you can give different topics focus.

Not only does this give your little ones opportunities to experience new things, but it can also bring about a new interest.

Keep reading to dive into the top picks for February preschool themes.

Preschool February Themes

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Top February Preschool Themes

Valentine’s Day

You knew it was coming, so we put it first on the February preschool themes list 😉

If you aren’t into the whole ‘make valentines for everyone’ ordeal, you may choose to celebrate friendship.

Valeninte’s isn’t only for lovers, after all.

My Body

Teaching littles about their body helps them to know how it works.

Healthy mindsets surrounding one’s body are set from a young age.

Hearing adults praise their bodies (and the kids’) will help them see that their bodies are beautiful.

Preschool February Themes


Talking about the weather may already be part of your morning circle time.

If it isn’t, consider adding it during this February preschool theme.

If you can, take a nature walk in different types of weather so little ones can experience them.

Rainy and cloudy days can be even more fun to play in than sunny days.

This also helps little ones think about what clothes would be the right choice.

Weather charts are a great way to track the weather each day and to introduce the idea of graphing and collecting data to your preschoolers.

We have some weather book suggestions to help with this preschool theme for February pick.


Little engineers in your care will love a week (or more) dedicated to building.

Look at famous buildings, admire the architecture around where you learn, and try making things!

Not all building has to be done with blocks, either.

A stash of plastic containers, toilet paper tubes, apple sauce pouch lids, etc, is a great way to encourage kids to build stuff.

Try printing out pictures of buildings your little ones liked.

Then, the photos can be referenced while they are building.

This may be one of the preschool themes for February that stays around for longer than a week. 😉

Preschool February Themes


Over the next few months, a different continent will be featured as a theme.

For February, focus on Asia. Show the kids where Asia is on the globe. Talk about some of the countries in Asia.

Let kids see the amazing animals and cuisine that Asia has.

Don’t forget to include famous landmarks to help them remember Asia.


February is Black History Month! Take this opportunity to explore diversity.

Diversity is one of the February preschool themes you have probably already covered.

Giving it a dedicated spot in your schedule allows you to discuss diversity on a deeper level.

When introducing the concept of diversity to preschoolers, remember that diversity isn’t only for when you talk about a group of people.

Diversity is having a variety of something.

Perhaps introduce it by having a fruit plate with many types of fruit.

Giving preschoolers a tangible item that they can see the diversity in will help them understand when you relate diversity to people.

Preschool February Themes

Using Preschool Themes for February

Let your imagination run wild while planning and putting together your February preschool themes. Choose what themes will work best for you and your little ones.

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