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Preschool Snow Science Activity

Make your own snow with this fun snow science activity.

With only two ingredients, you probably already have the items you need.

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Why Make Fake Snow

Making this snow science activity is fun!

Your little ones will be amazed when they mix baking soda and conditioner and it turns into soft snow.

It’s not cold and can be used inside or outside (without the mess of melting snow).

There is more baking soda than conditioner which throws some kids for a loop.

This is a great way to introduce (or reintroduce) measuring cups.

Talk with your preschooler about the size of the measuring cup and how the cups are not the same.

Let them see that there are two big cups of baking soda going into the bowl and only a small amount of conditioner.

Working the baking soda and conditioner together create a great fine motor exercise.

Before your little one can hold a pencil and write, he needs to strengthen his fine motor muscles.

Many different activities can help with strengthening these muscles.

Rolling play dough, squeezing, mixing, holding silverware, opening and closing containers or Velcro, and even wiping down the table after he is done with this snow science activity all help strengthen fine motor muscles.

Use this as another reason to have your little one help clean up when he is done.

Sensory Experience

All of the senses are at work in this snow science activity!

The sense of touch is used when mixing the snow and playing with it.

Smells flood into your preschooler’s nose when they mix in the conditioner.

They can see that the mixture is coming together to create fake snow.

Have your preschooler listen to see how the snow sounds.

Can he hear it when he squishes it in his hands?

Taste (hopefully) isn’t used in this snow science experiment.

Different Ways to Use Your Snow

Endless things can be done with the snow after you complete the snow science activity.

Add in animals to create a snowy scene with animals.

Have your little one make a shelter to protect the animals from the snow.

You can also use the snow like you would play dough and have your preschooler use cookie cutters to cut out different things from the snow.

Little items can be hidden in the snow and your little one can look through the snow to find the different items.

Items Needed for Snow Science Activity

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1/3 cup conditioner
  • bowl
Preschool Snow Science Activity

How to Make Snow

1 – Place two cups of baking soda into a bowl.

2 – Add in 1/3 cup of conditioner

3 – Mix together with your hands.

4 – Keep in the bowl or place on a baking sheet (with edges) or a sensory bin.

5 – Enjoy playing in the fake snow!

Preschool Snow Science Activity

Snow Science Activity

Whether it’s hot and humid or cold and brisk, this fun snow science experiment is sure to be a hit.

Just as fun as real snow without the cold hands and nose.


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