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Italy Preschool Activities: Preschool Around the World

Go on a trip to Italy with your little one by using these Italy activities for preschoolers. They are fun and easy to plan, too!

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Why Teach Using Italy Activities for Preschool

When it comes to learning about new places and cultures, preschoolers need tangible activities to do.

The hands-on aspect of the activities helps them remember what they are learning about.

By engaging with their learning, preschoolers stay focused on a task for longer, which is terrific for building up their attention spans.

Below are several different Italy activities ideas.

They all take learning to the next level and allow your little ones to be a part of their own learning.

They are broken up by subject, making it easier for you to plan out ideas for your lessons.

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

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Geography Activities

Activity 1: Play Dough Italy

Print out a map outlining Italy. Place the map in a gallon-size baggie. Have your preschoolers roll out play dough ‘snakes’ and outline Italy using the map as a guide.

Activity 2: Erupting Volcano

There are 12 volcanos in Italy, 9 of which are still considered active. So why not capitalize on this amazing geography feature and let your preschoolers erupt their own volcanos?

To do this, take a cup and place baking soda on the bottom of it. Place the cup on a baking sheet. Give your preschoolers some vinegar (coloring it with food coloring is optional). Have them pour some of the vinegar into the cup with the baking soda and watch for the reaction.

Let them experiment with more baking soda and vinegar to see what happens.

This is one of the messy Italy activities, but it sure is fun!

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Culture Activities

Activity 1: Color like Michelangelo

Talk about the Sistine Chapel and the beautiful art that was created there. Explain that Michelangelo had to paint upside down because he was painting on the ceiling!

Tape coloring sheets to the bottom of the kitchen chairs or the table. Have your preschoolers crawl under the chairs/table and try coloring in the sheets to see how challenging it is.

Activity 2: Create an Italian Flag

Flags are a way for a group of people to be identified and symbolize their culture.

Use construction paper to make an Italian flag with your preschoolers.

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Math Activities

Activity 1: Roman Numerals

Rome is part of Italy, which makes it the perfect time to introduce Roman numerals while you talk about Italy.

Show the numbers from one to five and the corresponding Roman Numerals. See if your little ones can pick up on the pattern.

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Activity 2: Pizza Counting

Grab two paper plates. Cut one into eighths. With the other one, use a marker to split it into eighths (the same size as the cut ones).

Labe the intact plate with numbers 1-8 going around clockwise.

With the cut-up plate pieces, red dots will be drawn or placed on them. The dots can be made from red dot stickers or circles drawn on the pieces. These dots are meant to be pepperoni.

Put one red dot on one piece, two red dots on the next, and three red dots on the third plate, and continue until the last piece of plate has eight red dots.

Have your preschoolers place the piece of pizza with one pepperoni (dot) on the spot labeled 1. Continue matching the amount of pepperoni to the number on the plate until the whole pizza is made.

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Language Arts Activities

Activity 1: Learn Some Italian

Teach your little ones to say hello, goodbye, please, and thank you in Italian. Have them practice these words while you are doing the Italy activities.

Activity 2: Read Books about Italy and Rome

There are many excellent picture books about Italy and Rome. Share some of these stories with your little ones.

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Music Activities

Activity 1: Learn an Italian Song

The Italian language is beautiful. Learning a song and hearing precious little voices singing it may brighten anyone’s day! Plus, it’s excellent memory practice 😉

Activity 2: Listen to the Italian Opera

Italian opera is over 400 years old! Turn on some Italian Opera and let your preschoolers see how they like it.

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Cooking Activities

Activity 1: Homemade Pasta

I know what you are thinking. Why would one MAKE pasta when they can buy it?

As it turns out, homemade pasta is wildly easy to make. Who knew?!

There are many wonderful recipes out there for the homemade pasta. They are simple and usually only call for eggs, flour, salt, and sometimes oil.

Your preschoolers will love helping knead the dough. It may even tire them out.

Activity 2: Pizza

When people think of food for Italy, pizza tends to be up there at the top of the list. So, naturally, making pizza had to be part of the Italy activities.
Your little ones can make their own personal pizzas and ‘decorate’ them how they choose.

Finally, someone to help make dinner 😉

It’s a bit more work to have little hands in the kitchen, but you are making lasting memories, and they are having fun (and learning a ton).

Italy Preschool Activities Preschool Around the World

Italy Activities for Preschoolers

Take learning about Italy to the next level with Italy activities. Use this list as a guide to a perfect Italian adventure from home for your little traveler.

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