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20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

Explore the world of architecture through preschool books about buildings. They are sure to ignite creativity and curiosity, too.

20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

When to Use Preschool Books About Buildings

Kids are naturally intrigued by interesting-looking buildings.

Whether that be the shape, size, location, or material the buildings are made from, kids are sure to notice.

Feed into this interest by reading preschool books about buildings with your little ones.

Have them pick out their favorite buildings and let them construct the buildings using blocks or recycled materials (paper towel rolls, paper bags, construction paper, etc.).

Preschool books about buildings fit right in if you are discussing STEM topics.

Engineers and architects work together to draw and create these buildings.

Construction crews help to bring the drawings to life.

Plus, learning about well-known buildings teaches preschoolers about where they are located (geography) and what they are used for.

20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

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Top Preschool Books About Buildings

1. Big Buildings– DK Super Readers Pre-Level by DK

Learn about the most prominent buildings in the world, including ancient pyramids.

This nonfiction, easy reader has simple words and great pictures.

2. Sky Boys: How They Built the Empire State Building by Deborah Hopkinson

Step into the shoes of a young boy who loves to watch the Empire State Building being constructed.

Once the building was completed, he could climb to the top of the building and take in the view of NYC in 1931.

3. All About Skyscrapers by Madison Spielman

There are essential steps that need to be taken to make sure skyscrapers are safe.

Learn about these steps and the materials needed for these monumental buildings.

4. Day and Night on the Construction Site by Shelly Rollins

From laying the foundation to bringing in pipes and beams, enjoy this sweet story told by Dizzy the Bulldozer.

5. Build It: Skyscrapers by Madison Spielman

See how a skyscraper is built and what goes inside once it is erected through diagrams, vibrant pictures, and simple informative text.

20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

6. 100 Things to Know about Architecture (In a Nutshell) by Lousie O’Brien

Explore some of the most iconic buildings worldwide with colorful illustrations and descriptions of the buildings (each 100 words long).

7. How Was That Built? The Stories Behind Awesome Structures by Roma Agrawal

The cool thing about this book is that it isn’t limited to buildings– bridges are also included!

Something else that is neat is that you meet people who helped these amazing inventions come to life.

8. Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper by Anastasia Suen

Written in rhyme, this pick for the preschool books about buildings is simple but informative.

9. 13 Skyscrapers Children Should Know by Brad Finger

Learn about what makes tall buildings appealing and how perspective changes once you are at the top of the tall buildings.

10. Skyscrapers: A History of the World’s Most Extraordinary Buildings by Judith Dupre

Check out full-color images of more than 60 of the world’s tallest buildings.

This book is arranged in order by the date of construction, so littles can compare how these buildings might have impacted ones created later.

20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

11. Look at That Building! A First Book of Structures by Scot Ritchie

When planning to make a dog house, five friends head to the library to learn what it takes to create structures and other construction fundamentals.

There is even an activity at the end of the book which invites you to make your own dog house from marshmallows.

12. Skyscrapers! by Marshall Deaton

Learn what is inside the world’s ten tallest skyscrapers.

13. If I Build a House by Chris Van Dusen

Jack has endless creativity when it comes to building things.

Come along to see what he would put in his dream house.

14. Amazing Buildings by Kate Hayden

Unique structures are the name of the game in this book.

From the ancient Coliseum to eco-friendly stadiums and everything in between, this book is eye-opening and fun.

15. Where in the World? Famous Buildings and Landmarks Then and Now by Baby Professor

Bring geography into your preschool books about buildings book list with this informative book.

Not only are littles taught about the buildings, but they are also learning where in the world they are located.

16. National Geographic Readers: Skyscrapers by Libby Romero

This book has everything from the first building to the tallest, including how they were constructed.

With simple texts, your little one can easily understand the information.

17. A Children’s Introduction To Architecture of the World by Sundus Shaikh

The rhymes in this book make it a hit with preschoolers.

Learn about iconic buildings from all over the world.

18. Billions of Bricks: A Counting Book About Building by Kurt Cyrus

Come along as a crew uses bricks to create a building.

Show your little one how one brick alone may not be significant, but when 10, 20, or more bricks come together, it creates something extraordinary.

20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

19. One Big Building: A Counting Book about Construction by Michael Dahl

This counting book is terrific for reinforcing numbers and counting through building construction.

20. Interesting Facts about the Empire State Building by Baby Professor

Learn how the Empire State Building was constructed in this informative book.

21. Building a House by Byron Barton

The simple words and vibrant illustrations in this preschool book about buildings make it a fun read for even the youngest kids.

20+ Preschool Books About Buildings

Building Books for Kids

Introduce your little ones to the marvels of architecture through these preschool books about buildings. They may spark imagination and problem-solving skills in your little ones as they make their own architectural wonders.

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