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Letter G Craft: Giraffe Activity

Introduce the letter G with this fun letter G craft that turns the letter G into a giraffe. Grab the free printable and get crafting.

Letter G Craft Giraffe Activity

Why Make a Letter G Craft

Great Coloring Practice

With all of the unique patches to color, this letter g craft offers an excellent opportunity for littles learning to color.

Letter Identification

Making learning letters fun will help preschoolers remember the letters more easily.

This letter G craft is both adorable and fun to make.

Learn about Giraffes

Use this giraffe craft as a way to talk about giraffes.

It’s never too early to teach kids about different animals and the habitats they need to survive.

Grab books about giraffes, watch a few videos, and let your littles be in awe that such a remarkable creature exists.

Letter G Craft Giraffe Activity

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Materials Needed

  • printable (see below)
  • coloring tools (crayons, markers, etc.)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • a piece of blank paper to glue on the letter G craft
Letter G Craft Giraffe Activity

Where to Grab the Printable

Sign up below to download the printable.

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How to Make a Giraffe Craft

1. Print off the letter G craft giraffe activity from above.

2. Have your little one color the sheet to make the giraffe yellow with brown spots. Be sure to color in the head and ossicone, too.

(The ossicone is the horn-like thing on the top of the head).

Letter G Craft Giraffe Activity

3. Using the dots as a guide, carefully cut out all the pieces. While at it, trim the extra paper around the word ‘giraffe.’

4. Grab the blank sheet of paper and set it to portrait orientation (long sides going up and down).

5. Have the little one attach the word ‘giraffe’ to the very bottom of the page.

Letter G Craft Giraffe Activity

6. Place the letter G into the center of the page and glue it down.

7. Put the head piece on the end of the top curve of the G. Angle the head down a bit, like it is continuing the shape of the G. Glue it into place.

8. Add the eye to the center of the head.

Letter G Craft Giraffe Activity

Giraffe Craft

It’s always great to have print-and-go activities on hand when homeschooling preschool.

This letter G craft is no exception- it’s quick and easy to prepare and requires only minimal materials.

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