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Pom Pom Flag Craft

Turn a Memorial Day lesson into a hands-on lesson with this fun pom pom flag craft. Once done, hang it to show your patriotism.

Pom Pom Flag Craft

Why Make a Pom Pom Flag Craft

A pom pom flag craft is a beautiful hands-on activity to help teach your preschooler about the American flag.

While learning about the history of Memorial Day and why it is a day to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom, your preschooler can make a flag to show their patriotism.

Although your pom pom flag craft may not have 13 stripes or 50 stars, you can still talk about the flag’s colors and what each color stands for.

Red stands for bravery and the willingness to sacrifice everything for freedom.

White stands for peace.

Blue stands for perseverance and justice.

The colors and shapes on the flag together show the country’s values and part of its history.

Aside from the incredible history lesson, this pom pom flag craft incorporated a great deal of fine motor practice.

Your little one will have to pinch and pick up every pom pom.

Imagine the amount of work their hand muscles are doing!

Pom Pom Flag Craft

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Materials Needed for Flag Craft

Pom Pom Flag Craft

How to Make a Pom Pom Flag Craft

1. Gather the supplies. Remember that the size of the pom poms will change how big (or small) your flag is.

If you use smaller pom poms, you can always do two rows of one color to make a thicker stripe, if desired.

2. Cut out a rectangle from the cardstock. You can make it as big or small as you like, but the larger the rectangle, the more pom poms you need.

3. Choose how far over you want the blue rectangle to go. It should be less than half of the paper.

Pom Pom Flag Craft

4. Make a vertical line using the blue pom poms to make the right edge of the blue rectangle. Again, this isn’t going to be too large. Ours was three pom poms tall.

5. If you like its look, start gluing the pom poms in place. The pom poms tend to stick better if the glue is added directly to the pom pom instead of to the paper.

6. Use the blue pom poms to make the bottom of the blue rectangle. To do this, start at your last blue pom pom and work your way, gluing blue pom poms horizontally to the left until you get to the edge of the paper.

Outlining the blue rectangle will help your preschooler fill in the rectangle independently.

Pom Pom Flag Craft

7. Sprinkle in white pom poms with the blue pom poms when filling in and gluing the blue portion. These will be the stars on the flag.

8. To start making the stripes, glue red pom poms to make the top stripe of the flag. Start at the topmost blue pom pom and make a horizontal stripe to the right edge of the paper using only red pom poms.

9. Now start at the following blue pom pom and do the same, but with white pom poms to make a white stripe.

Pom Pom Flag Craft

10. Continue to alternate red and white stripes until the flag is complete. After the section next to the blue rectangle is complete, start the stripes on the left and extend them across the whole paper.

11. Let the pom pom flag craft dry and then hang it up to show your patriotism.

12. Optional: attach a popsicle stick to the left side to make it look like a flag pole.

Pom Pom Flag Craft

Flag Craft

Teach your little ones about Memorial Day with this fun pom pom flag craft.

By making the history lesson hands-on, you are sure to keep your little one’s hands busy so they can listen more easily.

Plus, they have a visual reminder of the history lesson and a way to show their patriotism.

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