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10 Signs Your Child is Not Ready to Start Homeschool Preschool

Kids are unique, and there is no set age all kids are ready to start preschool.

Keep reading for signs your kid isn’t ready to start.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Ready to Start Preschool Based on Age

In traditional preschool, much is reliant on age.

The classes kids are assigned to are based on age, and peers of similar ages are paired in the same class.

Because this is the method for traditional school doesn’t mean this is the best practice or the best choice for all kids.

We are here to tell you that not all three or four-year-olds are ready to start preschool.

There. It’s said.

Keep reading to find out some ways to tell if your little one is ready to homeschool preschool.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

10 Signs Your Child Isn’t Ready to Start Preschool

Limited Attention Span

Some tasks in preschool require little ones to keep their attention on you or the topic at hand (a book, calendar, etc.).

If this isn’t possible because your little one won’t sit still to read or work with you, this is a sign your little one is not ready to start preschool.

Lack of Interest

When letter tiles, blocks, or crayons are put out on the table, does your little one come over because she is interested in what is happening?

If she sees other kids working on a task and she doesn’t climb up to try the task, too, she may not be ready for homeschooling just yet.

Poor Language Development

A limited vocabulary or language use would be another reason that your little one might not be quite ready to start preschool.

Limited Problem-Solving Strategies

Believe it or not, many things in preschool require problem-solving.

Of course, puzzles and open-ended challenges require problem-solving, but so does playing with peers (including at the library or playground), figuring out how to make a toy work, opening and closing a marker cap, and so much more.

If your little one is still dependent on you to help make all the decisions or to help whenever there is trouble, you may want to consider waiting to begin preschooling her.

Unwillingness to Explore

Play and exploration are important pillars of preschool education, whether it be at home or at a traditional preschool.

Little ones miss out on many learning opportunities if they aren’t willing to explore their options, materials, play area, or nature.

Health or Developmental Concerns

Does your little one have a health or developmental concern that you have at the forefront of your mind?

This may be your brain telling you to hold back a bit before beginning preschool.

Sort out the health and development concerns before jumping headfirst into something new.

Get your doctor’s opinion about your little one starting preschool if you’re really concerned.

Resistance to Routine

Learning a routine or rhythm for the day is a great way to make homeschooling preschool go smoothly.

If your little learner gets frustrated by a routine or refuses to do the task at hand, you may want to take a step back.

If brushing teeth is met with resistance, learning letters may also be met with resistance.

Lack of Interest in Creative Activities

Being creative is a great way for little ones to show their independence and make their ideas come to life.

Some kids love it.

Some kids hate it.

This sign isn’t a make-or-break sign that your little one isn’t ready, but if it is paired with other signs, you may want to reconsider starting preschool.

Difficulty with Pre-Reading and Pre-Math concepts

Mastering pre-reading and pre-math concepts is important before you can start formalized education with your little one.

If she is struggling to listen, learn letters, count, and build towers, she may not be ready for preschool.

Unwilling to Participate

This may seem like a no-brainer — if she won’t do what you ask, then it’s pretty tricky to start homeschooling preschool with her.

The good news is that play is an important part of preschool, so even if she plays all day, she is still learning and preparing for preschool.

Is Your Kid Ready to Begin Preschool?

After reading these signs, take time to observe your little one.

Use these signs to help guide your decision if your little one is ready to start preschool.

If she isn’t ready— no need to worry– she’ll be ready in her own time.

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