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Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

Do you really need to send your littles off to preschool this fall?

Keep reading to see the homeschooling advantages for preschoolers.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Traditional Preschool

Traditional preschools are a great way to get childcare if you need it.

Your littles get exposed to different concepts like counting, letters, writing, taking turns, and playing with others.

They are also exposed to all the germs, ideas, and habits that the other kids have too.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Benefits of Homeschooling Preschool

Tailored Education

One of the main homeschooling advantages is that you get to choose what to teach your little one and how.

Activities, books, and crafts can all be chosen with your little one in mind.

If your little one needs more time on a concept, spend more time on it.

The opposite is true, too.

If your preschooler is grasping the concept quickly, move on.

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Does your little one want to spend all morning outside?


What about snuggling on the couch, reading books all afternoon? Perfect.

You get to choose how you spend your days.

Each day can be different.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

Personal Interests Incorporated

When it comes to traditional preschool, weekly themes are covered in most cases.

But what if your little one wants to learn more about trains and it isn’t train week?

When home educating, you can turn your little one’s love for trains into learning opportunities.

Write letters or numbers on train cars and have them put the train cars in order.

Learn about what different train cars are for.

Read books (and more books) about trains.

Letting your littles take the lead in their education is a great benefit of homeschooling preschool.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

Limited Sickness

Ask any parent that has kids in daycare or preschool.

They will tell you that there are months straight that their kids are sick.

More kids together means more opportunities for different sicknesses to spread.

Limiting the amount of kids your kids are exposed to helps limit their opportunities to get sick.

Socialization on Your Terms

Spend your days at the recreation center, library, playground, or homeschool coop.

One of the homeschooling advantages is that if you don’t like who your kids are hanging around, you can change it.

Socialization doesn’t only mean exposing your littles to people their age, either.

Going to the grocery store totally counts as socialization.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

No Peer Pressure or Bullying

A major pitfall (and every mother’s nightmare) of their kids going to preschool is people not being nice to their little ones.
When homeschooling preschool, there is no peer pressure or bullying.

What an amazing benefit of homeschooling!

More Time Spent Together

This may seem obvious, but a major homeschooling advantage is that you can spend all day with your preschooler.

No tears at preschool drop off and no worrying about people being mean to your little one.

Spend your days learning and growing together.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

It’s Cheaper

Preschools cost money.

Some of them cost a pretty penny!

Sure, you can buy a homeschooling preschool curriculum, but even that won’t add up to what you would pay for preschool.

Homeschooling Advantages for Preschool

Homeschooling Advantages

Sending littles off to preschool may seem like the next step in your little’s life, but it doesn’t have to be.

Taking back time with your preschooler, choosing what she learns, and not worrying about bullying and peer pressure are all homeschooling advantages.

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