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Teaching Preschoolers to Read with Early Readers

Teaching preschoolers to read can be fun when early readers are involved.

With some practice, your little one will be reading in no time.

Teaching Preschoolers to Read with Early Readers

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After listening to you read to him, your little one is probably getting eager to learn to read.

You have laid a great foundation for reading by giving him opportunities to see and hear how books work.

If he hasn’t already, he may start picking up a favorite book and “reading” it to you.

Early readers are a great stepping stone for teaching preschoolers to read.

They are short and have pictures that capture your homeschooler’s attention.

The words aren’t too complex which will help your little one figure out the words.

Teaching Preschoolers to Read with Early Readers

What Are Early Readers?

Early readers have simple sentences and often have sentences that only change one word from page to page.

The words on the pages in early readers are either sight words or words that are easy to sound out which makes them perfect for teaching preschoolers to read.

There are pictures on each page that help your little one to figure out what the simple sentence means.

Teaching Preschoolers to Read with Early Readers

How Early Readers Make Learning Fun

Builds Confidence

Your preschooler will be filled with joy when he realizes that he can read the words on the pages in an early reader.

His confidence will grow each time he practices reading with you.

After he has mastered some of the early readers, have them out where he can read them whenever he likes.

This helps him to become independent and confident in his reading.

Confidence is key when teaching preschoolers to read.

Without confidence, preschoolers will not want to continue to learn to read.

Simple Stories

Simple storylines are key when teaching preschoolers to read.

Preschoolers will be giving their attention to decoding words so having a story that is easy to understand is key.

This makes reading enjoyable so your little one isn’t getting frustrated.

Topics of Interest

There are early readers about many different topics.

From books about animals to silly stories, there are sure to be early readers that are about things your little one is interested in.

There are even early readers about the parts of a book!

Teaching Preschoolers to Read with Early Readers

Sense of Accomplishment

Bragging rights are earned when your little one can say he can read a book.

He will want to video chat with anyone and everyone to show them what he can do.

If possible, encourage this!

Positive praise is important.

Easy to Reread

Because early readers are so short, you can reread them multiple times in a short amount of time.

The more you and your little one read the early reader, the more confident he will become in his reading ability.

Hearing your little one read to you is one of the best parts of teaching preschoolers to read.

Early Readers

Try out an early reader with your homeschooler today!

Find a collection of them here.

Teaching Preschoolers to Read with Early Readers


Teaching preschoolers to read doesn’t have to be boring or difficult.

Spruce up your reading routine by having your little one use an early reader to read to you.

You may even want to build into your reading time that your little one reads to you after you read to him.


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