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Should You Do Homeschooling Preschool Without Worksheets?

Can you homeschool preschool without worksheets?

Dive into the where and when of using worksheets in preschool.

Should You Do Homeschooling Preschool Without Worksheets

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Worksheets in Preschool

When it comes to worksheets and children, know that developmentally a child can only concentrate for two to three minutes per their age.

So if your child is three, he can be expected to concentrate on a task for six to nine minutes.

If your child is four, then you can expect him to concentrate for eight to twelve minutes.

With this knowledge, it is easy to see why many people choose to do preschool without worksheets.

Each learner is unique.

What works for one kid may not work for another kid the same age.

You know your children best.

Choice is a huge part of preschool.

Strewing ideas and projects can help with that!

If you choose to have worksheets in your preschool, please give your little learners choices.

Anything from what writing tool to use to if he wants to cut or color first.

If you choose to do preschool without worksheets, that’s wonderful, too!

Should You Do Homeschooling Preschool Without Worksheets

What Worksheets Can Help With

Get more mileage from your worksheets by placing them in sheet protectors.

Have your little one use a dry-erase marker for a DIY dry-erase board.

A bonus is that you can switch out what sheets are in the sheet protector to focus on the skills you are working on with your child.

Tracing Letters and Shapes

When your little learner is just beginning to learn how to form letters and shapes it can be challenging to look and a picture and mirror what is being seen.

By giving your little one a worksheet with shapes, letters, and numbers on it, your little one can use the dotted lines to trace.

Task Completion

There is a clear beginning and end to a worksheet.

When having your little one complete a worksheet, she is able to see where she started and will have a sense of accomplishment when she finishes.

Reviewing a Concept

Worksheets in preschool should be used to review something that you have already taught your little learner.

For example, have your little one practice fine motor skills by coloring in all of the circles.

Should You Do Homeschooling Preschool Without Worksheets

Things That Can Be Taught Through Play

Social Emotional Learning

How to interact with others and how to regulate emotions can all be taught through dramatic play or games.

Interacting and playing with your little one is how he will learn how to interact and play with other people.

Early Writing Skills

Many different prewriting and writing activities involve writing different shapes, letters, zig-zag lines, etc.

From a baking sheet filled with salt to a table with shaving cream on it, the possibilities are endless.

This is a great way to do preschool without worksheets.

Early Math Skills

Counting, shape identification, and making patterns are all part of math.

Manipulatives or printable sheets that are cut out and your little learner can move around and play with are great tools to have to work on early math skills.

Should You Do Homeschooling Preschool Without Worksheets

Science Concepts

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment?

Pull out the baking soda and vinegar to have your little one fizzing with excitement.

We have collected some wonderful science experiments to do with your little one so you can do preschool without worksheets.

Check out the post here for some science experiments.

Confidence Building

When littles are given the chance to choose what they want to play and to put into action their desires, amazing things happen!

They start believing in themselves and their decision-making abilities.

Should You Do Homeschooling Preschool Without Worksheets

Preschool without Worksheets

Worksheets can be helpful with certain things.

Preschool without worksheets takes some time and effort to plan, but it is a great payoff for your little learner.


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