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The Best Places to Get Children’s Books

Finding books without breaking the bank can be challenging.

Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas of where to get children’s books.

The Best Places to Get Children’s Books

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Children’s Books

Reading to your children is beneficial in many ways.

The bonding, storytelling, and being transported to a new world together is an amazing experience.

But where do you find these books?

Read on to find some of our best places to get children’s books.

The Best Places to Get Children’s Books

Places to Get Children’s Books


Libraries are wonderful places to get children’s books.

If you are planning on learning about a certain topic like otters, check out your library system online.

By typing in the topic (otters in this case) you have access to not only the books in your library but the books at all of the libraries in the library system.

You can put books on hold and have them delivered to your home branch.

What a great way to get children’s books for a specific topic!

Little Free Libraries

Have you noticed little house shaped structures on a post?

These are free little libraries.

The premise behind them is that you can bring a book to the little free library and trade it for a new book.

This keeps a rotation of different books in the little free libraries.

There is no need to return the book when you are done (unless you want to).

If you find a little free library and don’t have a book to trade, no worries!

You can still take a book!

Most little free libraries are registered.\

You can use this map tool on the Little Free Library site to help see if there are any little free libraries around you!

The Best Places to Get Children’s Books

Community Groups

Ask your community groups (including the online ones) if there is a used book sale or used book location.

Some people may be willing to just give you the books to get them out of their basement.

Children’s Consignment Sales

Both children’s consignment pop-up sales and consignment shops have used books for sale.

Yard Sales

People are looking to get children’s books out of their houses if their kids are grown.

Check yard sales to see if you can find some classics.

The Best Places to Get Children’s Books

Used Books Sale

Libraries run used book sales multiple times a year.

They may even have “early bird” hours or “$5 per bag” deals.

If you hear about these sales, be sure to mark them in your calendar to check them out!

Facebook Marketplace

Are you looking for something particular?

Put Facebook to use for you.

Check Facebook Marketplace for the specific title.

This is a much easier way to find titles than looking though yard sales all summer.

Buy Nothing Groups

One good thing that came from Facebook is Buy Nothing Groups.

If you aren’t a member of a Buy Nothing Group, check to see if your local town or city has one (most do).

The idea is that you post items on there that you want out of your house quickly.

In most Buy Nothing Groups, you comment on the photo if you want the item.

Generally, you will have to take the whole stack of books if someone is offering books.

The Best Places to Get Children’s Books

Get Children’s Books

There are many different ways to get children’s books.

Although some effort is needed for some of these, the benefits are great!

Second-hand books save books from going to the landfill and they help you save money.


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