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How to Make a Catapult

Let your little one explore the amazing world of a simple catapult with this easy tutorial. It’s problem-solving and fun in one activity!

How to Make a Catapult

Why Make a DIY Catapult

Simple catapults are a great project for little learners. They are a wonderful introduction to physics and how energy moves.

Your little one pulling back on the spoon provides energy for the spoon to fling forward and launch the ball.

Soon, your preschooler will see that how she pulls back the spoon changes how the ball is launched.

What an amazing way to practice problem-solving and learning cause and effect. Where the rubber band is holding the spoon may also change how the simple catapult works.

Let your little one explore through trial and error different ways to make the DIY catapult launch.

Changing the items to launch may also be fun (as long as it’s something soft and squishy). Does adding more sticks to the base change how the spoon moves? It’s worth a shot 😉to try it out!

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Items Needed

*6 craft sticks

*3 rubber bands

*plastic spoon

*small balls of paper or foil (to launch!)– Mini marshmallows work too!

How to Make a Catapult

How to Make a Simple Catapult

1. Have your preschooler count out five sticks. Let her stack them on top of each other.

2. Secure one end of the stack of craft sticks using a rubber band. The band should be tight, which means it may need to be wrapped around many times.

3. While the other side isn’t secured yet, grab the last craft stick and slide it vertically between the bottom stick and the rest of the stack of craft sticks. There should be a stack of sticks, and one stick should stick out the opposite way.

How to Make a Catapult

4. Secure the other side of the stack of craft sticks with a rubber band. Both sides should now have rubber bands on them.

5. Move the middle stick so that one side of the stick is just a small bit longer than the other side.

6. Attach the spoon using a rubberband to the shorter end of the vertical stick. The handle should go in the same direction as the vertical stick. The bowl part of the spoon should be past the stack of craft sticks and above the longer end of the vertical stick.

7. Let your little one rip some small strips of foil and crumble them into small balls (hello, fine motor work!).

How to Make a Catapult

8. Launch the foil balls using your simple catapult by holding onto one of the sides of the catapult and pulling back the spoon. Let the spoon go, and the ball should launch.

**If your little one has trouble holding the simple catapult while launching it, tape it down on the sides. **

9. Try putting down a line of tape on the table or floor. Launch the balls and try to get them passed the tape line.

How to Make a Catapult

DIY Catapult

Launch into an afternoon full of fun with these simple catapults. Despite having a tutorial, your little ones will still be able to use their problem-solving and aiming skills when using the DIY catapults.

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