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Fall Wreath Craft Idea for Preschoolers

Spruce up your house with this cute fall wreath craft your preschooler can do.

It can even be done before the leaves start to fall.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Crafts With Kids

Crafts tend to get a bad rep with some parents.

Thankfully, you can do many simple and easy crafts with your preschooler so she can reap the benefits of crafting without all of the mess and time-consuming prep work.

But why should you craft with your kids?

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

When kids do crafts, they become more confident in their abilities.

They see that they can complete a task that is given to them.

Kids can take a given task and make it their own.

Not only do they use their amazing brains to visualize what they want the craft to look like, but then they get to bring their visions to life.

Many small decisions are made while crafting.

Kids need to practice making decisions to become better at it.

Crafts offer a safe place for kids to make decisions that won’t significantly impact their lives.

Mistakes are made while doing crafts.

Kids learn how to swerve with mistakes and turn them into something beautiful.

Not all mistakes are bad.

Learning and growing when things don’t go quite as planned is an important life skill kids need to learn.

Fall Wreath Craft Variations

Going on a nature walk and collecting colorful fall leaves is a wonderful option for this fall wreath craft.

But we know that isn’t always feasible.

So we came up with another option, a free printable!

The leaf template can be printed off from the freebies library.

The great thing about the printable is that if your little one wants more of a certain leaf, you can print off more.

Plus, this fall wreath craft can be pulled together in no time because of the simple household items it uses.

Items Needed for Fall Wreath Craft

  • leaves (free printable found here or actual leaves)
  • paper plate
  • glue or tape
  • scissors

How to Make a Fall Wreath Craft

1. Cut out the inner circle of the paper plate.

The easiest way to do this is to lightly fold the paper plate in half and cut on where the wall of the paper plate meets the bottom.

We will be using the outer circle.

2. Print off the leaves from the leaf template if using it.

Have your collected leaves from outside on the table if you use real leaves.

3. Have your little one pick out leaves to decorate the wreath.

4. Allow her to arrange the leaves around the paper plate with the circle cut out of the middle.

Some may choose to make patterns; others may put them on in a beautiful arrangement.

Whichever way she chooses will be perfect.

5. Attach the leaves to the plate with tape or glue.

6. Hang up to enjoy all season long.

Fall Leaf Craft

This fall wreath craft can be done with the free printable, real leaves that were collected, or a mix of both.

Enjoy making and decorating your home with these lovely fall wreaths.

You may wish to make a few and gift them to Grandma and Auntie, too!

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