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How to Use Movement Cards in Preschool

Get your little one up and swimming around with these fun (and free) movement cards.

There are tons of ways to use them, too!

How to Use Movement Cards in Preschool + Free Ocean Cards

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Importance of Movement Cards

Movement cards are a fun way to bring movement and literacy into your homeschool.

Each card has an animal on it and words that say how to move.

Your little ones will soon remember what move to do for each animal.

Although they may be memorizing the words on the card, they are still being exposed to the words on the cards.

Basic movements like galloping, gliding, and rolling are taught and reinforced with movement cards.

When your little learners move in new ways they are working their muscles differently.

From these movements, the large muscle groups are strengthened.

This helps your little ones to gain more control of their bodies.

Making moving their bodies fun will encourage your preschoolers to want to do it more often.

The increased movement has been shown to help reduce stress and helps your little ones to get better sleep.

Every mom could use a bit more of that. 😉

How to Use Movement Cards in Preschool + Free Ocean Cards

Where to Find the Movement Cards

The movement cards are in the Freebies Library.

If you aren’t signed up, it’s free!

If you are signed up, enter the password and download the cards.

How to Use Movement Cards in Preschool + Free Ocean Cards

How to Use Movement Cards in Preschool

Brain Breaks

Take a break between your homeschool lessons with some movement cards.

Have your little ones take turns choosing a card and do the movement.

Gross Motor Practice

During gross motor time, use the movement cards to get your little ones to use their big muscle groups.

Make a path with the cards around the room.

Have your little ones move from one card to the next by doing the action on the card.

For example, start at the sea horse card and gallop to the next movement card.

If the next movement card was the whale, your little ones would splash to the next movement card.

Roll a Die

Roll a die and pick a movement card.

Have your little ones tell you the number on the die and then have them do the movement that many times.

You can do this with two dice to make it a bit more challenging.

Musical Movements

Turn on some music and play freeze dance.

Instead of dancing, do the chosen movement on the movement card until the music stops.

Pick a new movement card and turn the music back on.


Pick a movement card and have your preschoolers move that way to the next task.

For example, if it is time for lunch, pick a movement card and have your little ones do that movement to the table.

With a Book

While reading a story about the ocean, when you mention a certain ocean animal have your homeschooler do the action on the movement card.

If you are reading a story about a turtle, every time you say turtle have them paddle.

Make a Game with Movement Cards

Lay the movement cards on the floor so the blank side is facing up.

Have your little ones turn over a card and do that movement for a set amount of time.

Then have her flip over another card and do the movement.

Continue with this until the cards are all flipped over.

How to Use Movement Cards in Preschool + Free Ocean Cards

Movement Cards

Fun, cheap, and easy are always a win in a homeschooling mom’s book.

These printable movement cards are versatile and sure to spark your children’s interests.


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