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Preschool September Themes

Looking for preschool September themes inspiration?

Keep reading to find out some of the best units to do with preschoolers in September.

Preschool September Themes

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Why Use Preschool September Themes?

Make planning for your preschooler a breeze by taking the hard task of coming up with these out of the picture.

The preschool September themes below take into account the season change and the apple harvest and leaves that are changing with the season.

Included are also topics that could be used any time of the year, but that make sense to use them with preschool September themes for one reason or another.

Take into account the interests of your little ones to help make the themes as beneficial and engaging for them as possible.

Throw in construction equipment into the transportation theme if it’s what makes your little one tick.

Use sensory bins and books (and the toys at the bottom of the toy bin) to help bring these themed units to life.

Preschool September Themes

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Preschool September Themes


The season of fall starts at the end of September.

Help teach your preschoolers all about the wonderful season with the sights, smells, and tastes of fall.

This is a great time to talk about changing the types of clothes to wear because the weather is getting colder.


With an abundance of apples around, take this opportunity to talk about colors, similarities, differences, and the tastes of the different kinds of apples.

Get your little ones into the kitchen and bake with some apples.

They will love helping you create something tasty while learning how measuring cups and recipes work.

Preschool September Themes

Leaves and Trees

Changing leaves on the trees are sure to catch the eye of your little ones.

Go on nature walks to collect some leaves.

Make patterns with different colored leaves, do leaf rubbings, and look at the trees from which the different leaves come.

Farm Animals

Many crops will be ready to harvest in September.

From wheat to corn, teach your littles about the animals that will be eating these crops that you may be able to witness being harvested.

Preschool September Themes

Teddy Bears

National Teddy Bear Day is September 9th.

Choose to use this one of the preschool September themes on the week and celebrate with teddy bear picnics and stories, or give the teddy bear a check-up!


Things that go seem to always draw in little ones.

Planes, boats, trains, cars, bikes, and even walking are all modes of transportation.

Help little ones see there are many ways to get around.

There are many books and videos that show both the inside and the outside of different types of transportation.

Look at different modes of transportation and what ones would be appropriate for different scenarios. Would you fly in a plane to your local library?

Preschool September Themes

September Preschool Themes

These preschool September themes are a great place to start when it comes to planning out activities for your little ones.

Hopefully, they have given you a starting point for what to do with your preschool September themes this year.

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