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How to Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

Take advantage of the beautiful weather with a teddy bear picnic.

Your kids will enjoy this imaginary play that, of course, includes snacks.

How to Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

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Why Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

The beauty of a teddy bear picnic is that it will be different every time.

Invite different ‘guests’ (stuffed animals).

Have different foods (maybe even a themed lunch– rainbow foods, circle foods, etc.).

Do different activities during your picnic.

There are so many different variations.

Rain or shine, you will have a good time with your little ones as you eat and enjoy each other’s company.

This is a perfect activity to spend quality time with your kids.

Have your kids thinking and doing imaginary play by asking different questions.

Stuck on what to ask?

There is a list of conversation starters below.

Imaginary play is an important part of helping brains develop.

Your little ones will be watching you so they learn how to ask for different items and to see how to act at a picnic.

Include your little ones in setting up the picnic so the next time you have a picnic they will be able to help.

How to Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

What would be a picnic without food?

Add a spin on regular PB & J by cutting it into little triangles to make finger sandwiches.

Arrange your fruit in rainbow order to draw attention to it.

Mix different types of cereal and chocolate chips to make a new treat.

If this sounds too much to handle or you have a kid that is particular about food, then stick to what you traditionally have for lunch.

There is no wrong way to do this!

This activity is part of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 44b: Bears.

Be sure to check out the curriculum for more ideas with the theme of bears.

Conversation Starters for the Teddy Bear Picnic

  • What does your bear want to eat?
  • Why did you choose this teddy bear?
  • What does your bear like to do for fun?
  • What is your teddy bear’s favorite color?
  • Does your teddy bear have a favorite friend she plays with?
  • Can I hold your teddy bear?
  • Does your bear want to play hide and seek when we are done eating? (Make sure your little one hides with her bear so the bear doesn’t get lost!)
  • Will your teddy bear be able to join us for a story?
  • What is your teddy bear’s favorite book?
How to Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

Items Needed Your Teddy Bear Picnic

  • Blanket, sheet, or towels
  • food and drinks
  • plates
  • stuffed animals

How to Host a Teddy Bear Picnic

1 – Gather the supplies you need.

Snacks, drinks, a blanket and some stuffed animal friends are all it takes to host a teddy bear picnic.

2 – Decide if you want to have your picnic inside or outside.

3 – Get your little ones to help spread out the blanket on the ground.

4 – Add the food to the middle of the blanket.

5 – Have your little ones arrange their stuffed animals around the edge of the blanket.

Remind them that they will need to leave a spot big enough for them to sit down.

6 – Everyone sits down and chooses which food they want to eat.

It is up to you if you want the stuffed animals to have a plate too.

7 – Enjoy your picnic!

Use the conversation starters above for suggestions on guided the conversation.

How to Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic

Are your kids saying they are bored?

Host a teddy bear picnic to have them use their imagination all afternoon!


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