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100 Day Activities for Preschool

100 days of learning is a big milestone!

For great 100 days of school activities for your preschooler, keep reading.

100 Day Activities for Preschool

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What is 100 Day?

100 days refers to 100 days of preschool learning.

This doesn’t mean 100 days of sitting down and doing worksheets.

Learning comes in all different forms.

100 days of school is a big milestone for your preschooler.

Below are some fun ideas to help celebrate 100 days of school that sneak in lots (and lots) of counting (and fine motor) practice for your little one.

100 Day Activities for Preschool

100 Day Activities

Dress Up Like a 100 Year Old

Grab a cane and some glasses and dress up like a 100-year-old.

Maybe even draw a picture of what you would look like at 100 years old.

Put 100 Jellybeans in a Jar

It doesn’t only have to be 100 jellybeans.

Little chocolate chips or small candies work for this activity, too.

Glue 100 Pompoms on a Paper

Count and glue pompoms (or cotton balls) on a piece of paper.

You can glue them in a circle to look like a hot air balloon.

Blow up 100 Balloons

You may want to grab a balloon pump if you are going to do this activity.

Your preschooler will be in for a big surprise when he sees 100 balloons on the 100 days of school.

100 Day Activities for Preschool

Wear 100 Day Glasses

What says 100 days of school more than glasses that say 100?

The 00 are perfect eye holes.

Compare and Contrast the Volume of 100 Items

Blow your little one’s mind with a comparing and contrasting activity.

Just because there are 100 of an item doesn’t mean they look the same amount.

Count out 100 animal crackers and 100 paper clips.

Look at the piles and compare and contrast how they look.

You can put the items in two clear glasses (or jars) to see more easily how different the volumes are.

Compare 100 cars to 100 paper clips or 100 books to 100 animal crackers.

These bigger items won’t fit into a jar which will really blow your preschooler’s mind.

Make 100 Day Crunch

Grab some snacks and count out 10 of each snack.

10 groups of 10 will make 100 items for a yummy snack.

Mini chocolate chips, raisins, sunflower seeds, cereal, or small candies work best for this.

100 Day Activities for Preschool

Create a 100 Paper Clip Chain

Link 100 paper clips together to make a long paperclip chain.

Before linking the paper clips, try out the volume activity above.

Build a Tower using 100 Cups

See how big of a tower your preschooler can make with 100 cups.

She can also see how long 100 cups side by side is.

Do 100 Movements

Pick out 10 different movements.

Jumping jacks, sit-ups, hopping, jumping, high fives, etc.

Do 10 of each movement to equal 100 movements.

100 Day Activities for Preschool

100 Days of School

There are so many great ideas for celebrating 100 days of school.

Choose a few of these activities to help make the 100th day of preschool special for your little learner.


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