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Letter Q Craft: Quail Activity

Simply print and go to make this easy letter Q craft that turns the letter Q into the cutest little quail. Learn about a new bird, too.

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

What Is A Quail?

A quail is a smallish bird. The name quail can be used to describe many types of birds. They weigh only a few ounces, so they aren’t too big.

Many quail have what looks like a fancy hat on. It’s called a topknot (like the everyday mom hairstyle 😂). Although it looks like one feather, it’s actually six overlapping feathers.

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

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Why Make a Quail Craft

Learn about a New Bird

Crafts are the perfect way to tie in new learning. Try reading books about quail and follow up with this fun quail craft.

Reinforce the Letter Q

While doing this letter Q craft, you can talk about the letter Q and the sound used for the letter Q.

Great Hand Muscle Work

Coloring, cutting, and gluing all use hand muscles (fine motor muscles). Preschool is when the hand muscles strengthen, and little ones start to get the hang of using them.

Of course, this requires practice. This letter Q craft is a great way to strengthen and let your little one learn how to use their fine motor muscles.

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

How to Get a Free Letter Q Craft Printable

Fill in the form below to grab the free letter Q craft printable.

Check out our shop if you would rather grab the whole alphabet craft set.

Materials Needed for Quail Craft

*Letter Q craft printable (see above)



*crayons or markers

*blank sheet of paper

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

Letter Q Craft How To

1. Print off the letter Q craft printable.

2. Color the items on the sheet. If your little one is particular, it may be beneficial to look at pictures of quail (or at a book about quail) and pick one to copy.

3. Trace the word ‘quail.’

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

4. Cut out all of the elements. To get the center of the Q cut out, gently fold the Q in half. Cut on the dotted line (through the fold).

Open the Q back up, and you should be able to stick your scissors through the hole you made. Finish cutting around the inside of the Q.

5. Place the blank paper so the long sides go up and down.

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

6. Have your little one find the word ‘quail’ and glue it to the very bottom of the sheet.

7. Let your preschooler find the Q and glue it to the middle of the paper.

8. Find the topknot (the head feather) and place it in the center of the top of the Q.

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

9. Add the eyes on top of the top curve of the Q. They should be placed ON the Q.

10. Grab the beak and place the curved part between the eyes on the undercurve of the top of the Q.

Letter Q Craft Quail Activity

Quail Craft

Leap into learning with your preschooler and learn about quail. Bring your learning to life with this fun letter Q craft.

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