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Community Helper Hats

Help your kids to see the community helpers all around with these community helper hats.

They will love pretending to be different helpers!

Community Helper Hats

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Why Teach About Community Helpers

Community helpers are all around us.

Teaching your preschooler about them helps your little one to know that these people are there to help.

When your little one sees these people out and about or in an emergency, hopefully, she will know who to go to for help and will be less scared because she has learned about the helpers.

By learning about community helpers your little one can learn about possible careers she could have.

Learning about community helpers also shows your little one how important the helpers are to the community.

The helpers keep the community safe.

Help your little one role-play different community helpers to help her see the different jobs.

Community Helper Hats

Nurses, policemen, bakers, firefighters, people in the service, construction workers, mail carriers, and lifeguards are all examples of community helpers.

Without these people in your life, there would be chaos.

Have your child think through how these community helpers impact her daily life.

Did she have a sandwich for lunch?

A baker made the bread.

Did she get a letter from grandma?

The mail carrier brought the mail.

Did she swim?

A lifeguard kept her safe.

This craft can help to spark up a conversation about how your little one can help her community.

Take a walk around your community and see what she thinks needs help.

If she sees garbage, get some gloves and a bag and go on a garbage walk to help clean up.

Does she want to brighten the neighbor’s day?

Have her help make cookies and make a card for the neighbor.

There are many different things you can do with your little one to help her to become a community helper right now!

Community Helper Hats

This activity is part of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 4: Community Helpers.

Items Needed to Make Community Helper Craft

Community Helper Hats

How to Make Community Helper Hats

1 – Print out the community helper hat.

By printing on cardstock the hat won’t be as floppy.

2 – If you printed the black and white hat, have your preschooler color in the hat.

3 – Cut out the hat and the two strips at the bottom of the page.

4 – Attach one strip to each side of the hat.

5 – Wrap the strips around your kid’s head to see how big to make the hat.

Carefully slide the hat off her head without changing where the strips are.

Tape the strips together.

6 – Put the hat back on and role-play being a community helper!

Try out different hats and different jobs!

Community Helper Hats

Community Helper Craft

These community helper hats are a great way to start the discussion about the helpers in your community.

Have fun pretending to be different helpers!

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