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Family Tree Activity

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

Make this adorable family tree craft to help show how beautiful your family is.

Family Tree Activity

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Why Make a Family Tree

Teaching your little ones about their family is important.

It helps them to know who is part of their family.

This helps them to begin to understand who they are.

Do they love to watch football like dad?

Or do they prefer to hang out outside like mom?

Knowing family doesn’t mean only the genes involved.

Kids learn so many things about how to live by watching the people they are around.

Each child can make it their own!

Some may choose to add in aunts and uncles while others would rather keep it to the people that they live with.

Other kids may prefer to have different colored leaves like the leaves in the fall.

Allow your children to take ownership of this family tree craft.

It will help to boost your children’s self-esteem.

Family Tree Activity

This is a great way to lead into the conversation that every family is different.

There are many books and children’s shows that showcase different family make-ups.

When kids learn that not all families have the same people, they won’t be as shocked when they are at the playground and see a family that looks different from their own.

If you are looking for more ideas to include in your discussion about families, check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 3 which is all about families!

The Family Tree Activity can be both an activity and an item to be displayed.

This craft turns out adorable and will look great hanging on the wall.

It also will be a great addition to a memory box because your child’s hand is traced.

You will be able to remember just how little your child was when he made this craft.

Family Tree Activity

Items Needed to Make a Family Tree Craft

  • construction paper (brown and green)
  • printer paper
  • scissors
  • something to write with (marker, pen, or pencil)
  • glue
Family Tree Activity

How to Make a Family Tree Craft

1 – Using a pencil, trace part of your kid’s arm and hand on the brown sheet of paper.

This will make the trunk of the tree.

If your child won’t sit still, draw a trunk shape on the brown sheet.

2 – Cut out the trunk.

If you feel comfortable, have your kid cut it out with your guidance.

3 – Make leaves on the green paper and cut them out.

Bigger leaves will take up more of the tree and make it harder to see the tree trunk.

The easiest way to cut out multiple leaves is to fold over the green paper before cutting.

Cut through all the pieces that are folded over.

4 – Have your little one glue the trunk on the white paper.

Allow him to choose where on the paper he wants to place it.

Remind him that he will need to put leaves on it so the top needs to be on the white paper.

5 – Ask your kid who is in his family.

As he names people, write the name on the leaf and hand it to him.

Have him glue the leaves on the branches.

Remind him that he is also part of his family so he needs to be on his family tree craft!

6 – Write “My Family” or “My Family Tree” on the paper, if desired.

Admire the family tree activity!

Family Tree Activity

Family Tree Activity

A craft that doubles as a memory’s sake is a win-win.

Your kid is sure to enjoy decorating his own family tree craft.


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