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My Family Picture Activity

A family picture creates a great keepsake and is a wonderful preschool activity.

You will cherish this adorable drawing for years to come.

My Family Picture

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Why Make A Family Picture Craft

Kids love to talk about themselves.

They also love to talk about their family.

After all, they have spent most of their lives with their family.

Choosing a subject they know well will help boost their confidence in the task.

They don’t have to think about what to draw, they already know!

You will get to see your little one’s thought process as she picks out who she wants to place where in the picture.

She will work on her decision-making skills as she chooses the color and place to draw each family member.

She will also quickly figure out if she draws someone too big that she will run out of space.

My Family Picture

Shapes are worked on in this family picture craft.

When your little one gets stuck on how to make the body, show her how your body looks like an oval or rectangle.

Have her break down each body part into a shape that it looks like.

By teaching her this, she will be able to use the skill of breaking larger tasks into smaller tasks in her everyday life.

These make great gifts and keepsakes!

Have her draw a picture of grandma and grandpa with her.

They are sure to love a family picture drawn by their grandchild.

Marker control is being tested while creating a family picture craft.

Your little one will need to be able to hold the marker as she draws.

If she holds it too loose then she won’t have control and will make random marks all over the paper.

If she holds the marker too hard, she will punch a hole through the paper.

My Family Picture

This craft also provides a great opportunity for your little one to see that if she makes a mistake, she can turn it into something else.

Stray markers can be turned into flowers, clouds, grass, anything!

The sky is the limit.

There is no right way to do this family picture craft!

Making a Family Picture Craft is part of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

Check out Week 3: My Family for more activities and ideas about families.

Items Needed for Family Picture Craft

  • white paper
  • construction paper
  • markers
  • glue
My Family Picture

How to Make the Family Picture Craft

1 – Talk with your little one about the people in your family.

Have her name all of the people (and pets if you consider them family).

2 – Ask which person she wants to draw first.

Have her choose a color marker and talk about what part of the body she will draw first.

Starting with the head or body will be the easiest.

3 – Walk your little one through adding on different body parts.

If she gets stuck on how to draw the body part, talk about what shape the body part is.

4 – Continue talking her through adding different body parts as needed.

5 – Repeat these steps to add more people and pets to your family picture craft.

6 – If desired, label the pictures so you don’t forget who is in the family picture.

7 – To make a frame, pick out a color of construction paper and glue the family picture craft in the middle of the colored paper.

8- You may want to add the date on the back so you remember when the picture was drawn.

My Family Picture

Family Picture Craft

After you finish making your family picture craft, be sure to hang it up or put it in your ‘save it’ box.

This picture is sure to bring a smile to your face when you look at it.


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