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10 Fun Ways to Practice Numbers

Writing numbers and number recognition is essential for any preschool child to grasp.

Practicing numbers at home will give your preschooler more confidence in learning and help them progress.

But the main thing to think about is how you can encourage your little one to practice and recognize numbers. 

10 Fun Ways to Practice Numbers

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When your child is younger, they have an affinity to learn new things, and a willingness to understand what things are and numbers can often be one of the first things you teach your child.

So here are some of the fun ways to practice numbers. 

Practicing Numbers

Number Blocks 

Number blocks are a great way to practice numbers.

A child can see the numbers and learn how to order them, but they can also use the blocks to count how many blocks they have to get to the required number. 

Number Jumping or Stepping Stones 

Number jumping and stepping stones are a more physical way to practice numbers.

It’s great for little ones with lots of energy!

You can ask your little one to jump on the spot to get to the required number, or you can create stepping stones with numbers on them.

You can also do this outside with sidewalk chalk. 

Another adaption of this is to set out different numbers and ask your child to run to the one you have just said.

This helps them to recognize each number quickly. 

10 Fun Ways to Practice Numbers

Counting Outside 

If you like to be outside, you can use all sorts of things you find in the garden to practice counting. 

Pick a flower and count the petals; see how many sticks you can collect or leaves you can gather.

Each season will present something new to collect and count to help with learning numbers. 

Counting with Toys 

Another fun way to encourage counting is to use toys.

Gather some toys, and then ask your little one to count them.

This is a fun way to keep the interest going when counting, and you can easily do this when playing a game inside.

Hello, rainy day activity!

Using Dice 

Dice is another great way to practice numbers.

Start with one dice, preferably a big one, so that your little one can see the dots, and then roll it and ask them to identify the number it has landed on. 

As a follow-on from that exercise, you could encourage your child to write the number.

As they get confident, you can add two die, so you practice numbers up to 12. 

10 Fun Ways to Practice Numbers

Number Ordering 

If your little one is getting more confident with recognizing numbers, then it may be fun to try and order them in the right way. 

If they can say the numbers in the right order when they see them written down, could they do the same when they are tasked with writing them? 

This is a fun activity to do where you can even ask them to write each number down and then mix them up and order them in the right way. 

Finger Painting 

If your child is a little more hands-on, finger painting is a great way to help them recognize and practice numbers and order. 

Get or make different colors, show them some numbers and ask them to copy them.

This is a fun and messy activity, but it will also be a great way to encourage number recognition. 

After all, a little mess always makes learning more fun!

10 Fun Ways to Practice Numbers

Tracing Numbers on Paper

A more traditional way to encourage your little one to practice numbers is to print out some numbers on paper that they can trace. 

This helps them learn how to create numbers and practice holding a pen or pencil to develop fine motor skills. 

Number Puzzles

If you like to discuss things with your little one, then a great option is to use number puzzles. 

These are usually wooden puzzles with each number from 1-to 10 on them as a puzzle piece. 

You could do the puzzle together, discussing what each number is and the order in which they go, and then ask your preschooler to point to which one you are asking them. 

10 Fun Ways to Practice Numbers

Trace Numbers with Colored Noodles

If your child loves sensory activities, then creating number shapes with dried and colored noodles is something they’ll love. 

The activity helps to encourage the development of fine motor skills as they grab the noodles with their pincer grip and create the letters visually. 

Preschool Number Activities

There are so many different activities that you can do to introduce and reinforce numbers with your preschooler.

Remember to have fun, do activities your child enjoys, and relax!

They will, eventually, learn their numbers!


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