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How to Use Earth Day Color by Number

Show the Earth some love with Earth Day Color by Number. It’s a fun and festive way to practice the numbers 1-10!


How Color by Number Helps Your Preschooler Learn

Your preschooler sees Color by Number as a fun, hands-on activity, but this is no ordinary coloring page!

Color by Number activity pages help your preschooler learn to recognize the numbers 1-10 (a preschool math milestone) and identify colors.

When your child colors the Color by Number activity sheets, he is also developing his fine motor skills (coordinating the small muscles of his hands with what he sees).

This is the foundation for neat handwriting.

He is also working on spatial relationships. How do these separate shapes come together to form a recognizable picture?

Your little learner may be able to identify the emerging picture.


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How to Fit Earth Day Color by Number Pages into Your Homeschool Preschool

When you coordinate your lessons by theme, you add charm and interest to your homeschool day.

This set of Earth Day Color by Number pages is perfect for lessons around Earth Day (April 22) or during a unit on recycling or upcycling.

It’s a great way to work learning into the holidays without having to stress about it.

You can use these as a math activity for the day or as an extension activity for when other lessons finish early.

With 6 separate pages, you can space them across 2 weeks, or plan for one each day of the week.

How to Use Earth Day Color by Number Pages

Using color by number could not be simpler!

1 – Download and print Earth Day Color by Number from the Homeschooling Preschool Store.

These pages are ink-saving black and white; your preschooler will add all the color needed!

2 – Use a 24 pack (or higher) of crayons to find the required colors (you will light versions of green and blue, for example).

You can choose the crayons for your child to teach color recognition, or, if your preschooler knows her colors, let her choose them from the box.

3 – Read (together or independently) the names of the colors.

Color in the number/crayon key.

Then search for each number and color it the corresponding color.

4 – Watch the Earth Day picture emerge!


Where to Find Color by Number Pages for Preschool

You can easily find Earth Day Color by Number Pages in the Homeschooling Preschool Store.

The pack has 6 pages, which is more than a week’s work of number recognition practice and fun!

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