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Glitter Germs

Germs, germs, everywhere!

Help your littles to see how quickly germs can spread with this fun glitter germs activity!

Glitter Germs

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Why Teach about Germs

Handwashing is an important routine that preschoolers need to be taught.

Often when preschoolers are told they need to wash their hands, they will ask their favorite question, “WHY?!”.

This fun glitter germs activity is a great way to show them just how quickly germs can spread.

The glitter found after this activity will serve as a great reminder to your littles that hand washing is important.

Germs are tiny.

Kids often think if they can’t see something then it doesn’t exist.

They don’t know any better until they are taught.

You can start this conversation by doing this activity and talking about the glitter germs.

Glitter Germs

As tiny as germs are, they can make kids sick quickly.

Preventing the spread of germs by having a good hand washing routine will help kids to stay healthy.

When kids know that germs are what makes them sick, they will try to (with reminders of course) do what they can to prevent getting sick.

It’s not only people that can spread germs!

Different toys, play structures, and even animals can be a place where germs are transferred.

By doing this glitter germs activity, your littles will see that after playing with people and toys they need to wash their hands.

This is especially important if they are touching animals.

This activity is part of farm week in our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

Check out week 5 which is all about farms for more great activities and books.

Items Needed for Glitter Germs Activity

  • glitter
  • plate
  • items to pass around (that you don’t mind getting covered in glitter)
Glitter Germs

How to do the Glitter Germs Activity

1 – Place some glitter on a plate and have one child dip her hand into the glitter.

2 – Have this child shake hands with another person.

That person then shakes hands with the next person.

Continue doing this until everyone has had a hand shake.

If you don’t have multiple people, you can shake hands with your little one.

3 – Look at your hand and talk about how the glitter got from the first person’s hand to every one else’s hands.

3 – Have your little one grab a toy and pass it around.

If you only have one child, you can pass it back and forth.

4 – Look at the glitter that is on your hands and on the toy.

5 – Talk with your little ones about how the glitter moved from the first person’s hand to the toys!

Other Ways to Play

Use different colored glitter for different people

Have each child start with some glitter in their hands.

Each child should have a different color glitter.

Repeat the same steps as above with hand shaking and passing around toys.

See how the different colors of glitter are passed around.

Glitter Germs

Glitter Germs

Handwashing is often overlooked by littles.

Help your preschooler to see why handwashing is important with this fun glitter germs activity.


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