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Summer Mobile

Teach your kids about things related to summer with this adorable summer craft.

Flip flops, popsicles, and sea shells are all included!

Summer Mobile

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Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is finally here (almost)! Your kids are sure to be excited about the change in the season.

The season is great for spending time outdoors whether you’re homeschooling in summer or just enjoying the weather.

Help your kids to see some of what summer has to offer by doing this summer craft.

There are eight different items that you will be able to talk about how they relate to summer.

This summer craft is perfect for a rainy day when you are dreaming of the sunshine.

The Summer Mobile is one of our favorite summer activities!

Check out our curriculum for more ideas of things to do with your kids that have to do with summer.

This craft will help not only to reinforce different things that are done or used in the summer, but the coloring is a great fine motor activity.

Many things outside of summer funschooling and in day-to-day life require the use of fine motor skills.

Summer Mobile

Building up fine motor strength is important for your little one to be able to write, tie shoes, pick up tiny objects, zippering, and eating!

If only these fine motor skills would be used to pick up the tiny toys off the floor — a mom can dream, right!

Your kids will be able to choose what colors they want the items to be.

Many of the items do not have a set color so your kids will be able to use their creativity and decision-making skills to make this summer craft their own.

The lengths of the string when attaching the items are completely up to you.

You may want to allow your kids to help decide if they want the lengths to go from shortest to longest or if they want the lengths to be varied in no particular pattern.

By allowing your kids to take ownership over their work it helps to build their confidence in their work.

It also shows them that you value their ideas and that their ideas are worth using.

Proudly displaying their work also shows that you find value in their hard work!

Items needed for Summer Mobile

  • Printable (found in our freebie library here)
  • paper
  • Crayons, markers, or paint
  • string or yarn
  • hole punch
Summer Mobile

How to Make the Summer Mobile

1- Sign up for the freebie library

2- Print off the summer mobile template

3 – Cut out the items

4 – Give your kids an item one at a time to color. You may want to discuss what colors to use. If you have a kid that is reluctant to color, you may want to color some of the items with your kid.

5 – Hole punch the “Hello Summer” paper and the holes on the top of each of the items.

6 – Tie the items onto the “Hello Summer” paper. Use various lengths of string to add visual interest and so that all the items can be seen.

7 – Display the summer mobile around your home so that it reinforces the elements of summer.

Summer Mobile

Summer Craft

This craft is a great way to introduce different things that can be done during the summer.

You may even want to use this summer craft as a bucket list for things to do or to use during the summer.


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