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Books About the Zoo for Preschoolers

Take a trip to the zoo with different books about the zoo for preschoolers.

Books About the Zoo for Preschoolers

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Take toddlers on a literary trip to the zoo by sharing exciting books with them. 

Learning about animals and zookeeping through incredible stories allows little learners to discover the zoo in a most unique way. 

From true zoo tales to imaginative animal accounts, good zoo books will both engage and entertain your favorite preschoolers.  

Books about the zoo for young minds are perfect to read at any time of the year. 

Whether you want to introduce zoo books as a supplement to an animal theme unit (maybe while making an elephant craft or watching a live feed of monkeys, perhaps?!) or as a way to excite kids for a zoo field trip, books about the zoo will be tons of fun for little ones.  

Take a look at these wonderful preschool zoo books that would be perfect for your homeschool library. 

Books About the Zoo for Preschoolers

Zoo Books for Homeschool

My First Trip to the Zoo by Samina Parkar

Get up close with the animals in the zoo by sharing this first time read. 

The bright imagery and exciting storyline will fascinate little learners.

Going to the Zoo by Tom Paxton

Learn everything about zoo animals with this exciting read.

Readers of all ages will adore this sing-along story. 

It’s a Crazy Day at the Zoo by Stacy Lee Doyle

Discover the zoo and the animals who live there with this silly story. 

Toddlers will enjoy using their imagination as each page is turned.

The View at the Zoo by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Delight toddlers with this rhyming zoo board book. 

Simple text and bright vivid colors will engage preschoolers.

Books About the Zoo for Preschoolers

That’s Silly! at the Zoo by Highlights

Go on a zoo adventure with this interactive lift-the-flap book. 

Filled with goofy animal antics and fun surprises, young minds will be entertained all the way through. 

Zoo Day by Anne Rockwell 

Experience the zoo with this first experience book. 

The lyrical text and bright pictures will keep the attention of little learners.  

Poo in the Zoo by Steve Smallman

See the zoo through the eyes of a zookeeper in this hilarious book. 

Kids and adults will be giggling at each new animal encounter.  

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo by Amelia Cobb

Share this amazing ten book collection set with little learners. 

Each book focuses on a different zoo animal for toddlers to learn all about.

What Do You Do If You Work At The Zoo? by Steve Jenkins

Talk about the different people that work at a zoo. 

Shining a light on zoo employees, this kid-friendly story is perfect for budding zookeepers.  

Books About the Zoo for Preschoolers

Cubs in the Tub: The True Story of the Bronx Zoo’s First Woman Zookeeper by Candace Fleming  

Inspire a love for working with animals by sharing this true zoo story. 

Children will be both educated and entertained from beginning to end.  

Preschool Books About the Zoo

This list of zoo themed books for toddlers will be loved by little ones. 

From hanging out with the monkeys to learning about what zookeepers do, zoo books are sure to be a delight for preschool-age children.  

Did you see a zoo book that you would like to add to your preschool library? 

Let us know!

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