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Preschool January Themes

Start the year off with some engaging preschool themes for January. They are sure to make planning a bit easier this month.

Preschool January Themes

Why Use January Preschool Themes

When dividing the month up into themes, it makes it easier to think about.

One week per theme creates a beautiful picture of what was accomplished that month.

It also makes it easier to plan.

Knowing that the whole week will be about one topic helps everyone focus on one topic.

The books, activities, crafts, and maybe even dramatic play area will all have something to do with the preschool themes for January.

With that being said, not everything needs to change each week.

Routines will remain the same, and favorite centers, activities, or dramatic play can remain the same.

It’s up to the grown-ups in charge to decide how much of the preschool themes for January they want to incorporate into the day.

Preschool January Themes

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Preschool Themes for January


The full moon in January is called the Wolf Moon.

Not because it looks like a wolf but because wolves howl out of hunger in January when food is scarce.

The wolf theme provides a chance to bring in books with wolves as characters, talk about their life cycles, learn about wolves, and label different parts of the wolf.

Wolves and the next of the January preschool themes, hibernation, tie in beautifully.


Because January is the first entire month in winter, it is the perfect time to talk about what animals are hibernating and which aren’t.

There are many beautiful books about animals hibernating and not wanting to miss out on the fun things happening while they should be hibernating.

Preschool January Themes

Solar System

Introduce the idea that Earth isn’t the only planet in our solar system.

Please know that the solar system topic may be a bit complex for some kids, but that’s okay.

You can even talk about the stars and look at images taken from space.


These fun-loving, waddling friends deserve a place on the preschool themes for January.

When thinking about animals and the cold, we often think about penguins, even though penguins live where it is hot, too.

Decide how detailed you want to get about penguins, and be prepared that there are many species of penguins.

You may even be able to find live camera feed of penguins!

Preschool January Themes


Australia Day is near the end of January, making it a perfect fit for the preschool themes for January.

Because Australia is both a country and a continent, it makes for an important place to cover, even in preschool.

Plus, Australia has many native creatures, making it memorable for preschoolers to learn about.

Nursery Rhymes

Do nursery rhymes need their own January preschool themes week?

Maybe not because they can be worked on all year.

But setting aside a dedicated week will help you review some of the nursery rhymes you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Your little ones can dive deeper into finger play, dramatic play, building challenges, and so much more based on certain nursery rhymes when a whole week is dedicated to them.

Preschool January Themes

January Preschool Themed Weeks

Preschool themes for January will help bring in different elements of the current season and tie in different parts of the world (and space).

Pick a few that pique your interest and run with those ideas. Feel free to merge ideas, too!

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