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Books About Water for Preschoolers

Dive into these incredible books about water for preschoolers! Your little one is sure to appreciate water more once she knows more about it.

Books About Water for Preschoolers

Water is here, there, and everywhere! It’s all around us and even in us. H2O is a very important part of our world, our life, and our bodies. Help young children learn about water in its many forms by reading books with them. From the water coming out of the faucet to the water falling from the sky, preschoolers will enjoy discovering all there is to know about water.   

Books about water are wonderful tools for encouraging kids to appreciate such a precious resource.  Engaging stories make learning about water fun and exciting. Books can supplement lessons about water cycles, water conservation, and water play. By sharing facts and fun about water, children can develop a better appreciation for the natural world around us.

Splash around with these refreshing reads about H2O!

Books About Water for Preschoolers

Children’s Books About Water

Water by Frank Asch 

Explain to preschoolers about how we use water in our everyday lives. This short and sweet read is an exciting and educational book for little ones.

Hey, Water! by Antoinette Portis 

Splish and splash in the water with this engaging story. Both young and old readers will appreciate this fun-loving tale.

I Am the Rain by John Paterson

Discover the science of water with this informative book. Children will enjoy learning about water cycles and water conservation.

We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom

Pledge to protect the planet’s water in this inspiring tale. The stunning artwork and incredible storyline will fascinate students of all ages from beginning to end.  

Soaked! by Abi Cushman

Play in the rain with a few animal friends in this wild story. This sweet and silly read will captivate young learners.   

Why Should I Save Water? by Jen Green 

Understand more about conserving water with this educational read. Children will be encouraged to increase their awareness when it comes to water usage.  

Books About Water for Preschoolers

The Little Raindrop by Joanna Gray

Go on an exciting adventure with a little raindrop as it goes through the water cycles. This heartwarming tale is both fun and informative. 

The Vanishing Lake by Paddy Donnelly

Go on a journey with a young girl and her grandpa. With a little imagination and a bit of magic, preschoolers will uncover a natural wonder of our world.  

I Am Water by Jean Marzollo

Celebrate water in all its forms with this book. The simple sentences and colorful illustrations make it an easy read for little learners.  

One Drop, Endless Ripples by Jayshree L Patel 

Explore water with this incredible read-aloud story. This delightful book is perfect for a circle time read.  

Stories About Water for Homeschooling Preschoolers

Stories about water for homeschooling preschoolers make learning about H2O fun! From science-based reads detailing water cycles to silly stories about dancing in the rain, young readers will surely enjoy any of these books.  

What do you think about this collection of books about water for little learners?  Let us know!

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