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The Best Growth Mindset Books for Preschoolers

Help teach the power of yet with these growth mindset books.

Show your preschooler that challenges aren’t bad and can help him grow.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is the idea that challenges, struggles, and failure can help a person grow.

It’s a positive mindset that people aren’t born with certain abilities and that anyone can learn new things.

The brain is like a muscle and needs to be reinforced to favor a growth mindset.

That’s why it’s best to start a growth mindset practice at a young age.

The more practice your preschooler gets, the stronger the growth mindset he will have.

growth mindset books for preschoolers

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Growth mindset books like the ones below are the perfect way to introduce and reinforce a positive thought process in kids.

If you are looking for more information about growth mindset, check out this post introducing a growth mindset to preschoolers.

We also have a list of fun activities that promote a growth mindset here.

growth mindset books

Best Growth Mindset Books for Kids

My Little Growing Mindset by April Hartmann

The vivid illustrations and easy-to-understand language make this growth mindset book a great one to use to introduce growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Ninja by Mary Nhin

Your little one will be laughing as you read this comedic book about a ninja learning about the power of yet and a growth mindset.

Bee-lieve in Yourself by Tymek Kalicinski

Can a grumpy bee change his mindset and help himself not be stressed all the time?

The Problem-Solving Hero by Heidi Miget

Hang the capes and magic wands up — they aren’t needed for this story.

Teach your little ones with this book that all they need to be a problem-solving hero is themselves and a growth mindset.

Ricky, the Rock That Couldn’t Roll by Mr. Jay

This well-loved story is about a rock that couldn’t roll because he is flat on one side.

His friends use their growth mindsets and perseverance to never give up.

After some problem-solving, they were able to figure out a way to help Ricky roll.

This is the perfect example from this growth mindset books list that shows the importance of surrounding yourself with others who have a growth mindset, too.

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak

This book is loved by teachers, and it’s for good reason!

It teaches the amazing powers of our brains in a child-friendly and encouraging way.

Why Should I Walk? I Can Fly! by Ann Ingalls

This story of a little robin is a great way to remind little ones that wonderful things can happen if they don’t give up.

The rhyming text and beautiful watercolor illustrations are sure to draw your little ones in.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett

Beatrice is known around the town as the girl who never makes mistakes— because she never makes mistakes.

That is until she makes a big mistake in front of everyone.

How will this perfectionist handle it?

Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg

Turn the oops on each page into something beautiful with this interactive growth mindset book.

Y is for Yet by Shannon Anderson

Perfect for reviewing letters, learning new words, and teaching a growth mindset, this book is a perfect addition to any preschool.

A Little Spot of Optimism by Diane Alber

Let a little spot help you to change your negative thoughts into positive ones and to help you look on the brighter side of any situation.

The Magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi

We all have things that we can’t do (yet).

This sweet story helps your little one to connect to practical examples of things she can’t do yet.

I Choose to Try Again by Elizabeth Estrada

Kiara is here to help teach your little one the power of perseverance with this pick from the growth mindset books list.

Train Your Dragon To Do Hard Things by Steve Herman

Having a pet dragon is pretty cool until he is afraid to do hard things.

But with a little patience and encouragement, he can be trained to do things even when they are hard.

My Violin is NOT Broken by Evelyn Grundy

The temptation to quit when things get hard or inconvenient is experienced by kids and adults alike.

The beautiful images and message in this book show what perseverance and determination can do for you, too.

Top Growth Mindset Books for Preschoolers

Growth mindset books are the perfect addition to any preschool library.

They are fun and engaging while teaching the importance of a growth mindset.

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