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Printable Bookmark New Year’s Craft

Ring in the new year with a fun, cheap, and easy New Year’s craft. Maybe even use it as a way to set a family reading goal, too.

New Years Bookmarks

End the current year or start the new year with a simple and fun New Year’s craft.

It’s a perfect way to get a jump start on a “do more crafts with the kids” resolution.

You probably already have everything you need on hand, too. What a win!

Why Making Bookmark New Year’s Crafts is So Great for Preschoolers

Kids need an outlet to be creative. That doesn’t mean the kitchen table must be covered in white school glue or flour, though.

New Year’s bookmarks are festive without being too much.

Simple images. Simple coloring tools. Simple (optional) items to spruce them up.

What a dream for mom, too.

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But not only are these bookmarks great to make for a New Year’s craft, but they can represent more!

As a family, set a family book challenge.

It can be to read a certain number of books, to read together each night, or to read different genre books.

It’s up to you to make it your own.

Use your bookmark craft as a reminder to continue with your family book challenge.

When coloring in this New Year’s craft, little ones can see the lines and practice coloring using the lines as a guide.

Even though your little one most likely won’t be coloring inside the lines just yet.

These bookmarks make great gifts!

Who doesn’t need a bookmark? Especially one made by a sweet preschooler.

They are sure to bring joy to whomever your little one decides to give them to.

Your preschooler will get to experience the joy of giving a gift that she worked hard on without you having to break the bank.

Ideas for Materials to Decorate It

  • colored pencils
  • crayons
  • fine point markers
  • glitter paper
  • construction paper
  • foam (or glitter) cut-out shapes
  • yarn, string, chenille stems (to make tassels)

How to Make It

1. Grab the New Year’s craft template from our Freebies Library. Or sign up below to unlock the download and print it right away!

2. Print off the bookmark craft template using cardstock. You *could* use printer paper, but it won’t be as sturdy. You would need to put a thicker backing paper (like construction paper) behind it.

3. If the bookmarks are being split between multiple kids, cut them apart first. If one kid decorates the whole page, keeping them all attached to one sheet is more manageable. This saves the kitchen table from having more marks from the markers and crayons on it.

4. Let your preschooler go to town coloring the bookmarks.

5. Cut apart the bookmarks if they aren’t already.

6. Choose what color paper to use as a background for the bookmark. Cut out a rectangle a little bit bigger than the bookmark.

7. Glue the bookmark onto the construction paper rectangle.

8. Add other decorations (and tassels) if desired.

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New Years Bookmark

So don’t wait! Print out these New Year’s craft bookmarks so you have something quick and easy to pull out.

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