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101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Here is a list of fun summer preschool activities for your preschooler this summer.

These are sure to keep your preschooler busy for hours!

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

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Summer Preschool Activities

Summer is a great time to allow your little one to enjoy the sunshine and try some new summer routines.

Hands-on learning, fine motor skills, creativity, and sensory play will happen with these great summer activities that can be done inside or out.

There is no need to feel guilty when you set up these activities for your preschooler because he will be learning through play!

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

1 – Paint rocks

2 – Blow bubbles

3 – Catch bugs, caterpillars, butterflies, etc.

4 – Pick wildflowers

5 – Go for a nature walk

6 – Collect things from nature and create a picture using sticks, leaves, rocks, and flowers

7 – Throw water balloons at shapes, numbers, or letters written in chalk

8 – Draw with chalk

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

9 – Put animal figures on paper and trace their shadows

10 – Paint with a ball! Make a long runway with paper and put paint piles down the runway.

Roll a ball down the paper to create a picture and to see color mixing in action.

This can also be done on a slide.

11 – Play in a sprinkler

12 – Bubble paint by mixing bubble solution and washable watercolors

13 – Paint with ice

14 – Make a foil stream

15 – Create a pool noodle pouring station by attaching pool noodles to the wall and adding a funnel to the top of the pool noodles.

Have a shallow bin under the pool noodles to collect the water to be reused.

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

16 – Go on a color or shape scavenger hunt.

Repurpose an old egg carton by labeling each spot with a color or a shape.

Have your preschooler put the item that matches into the correct spot.

17 – Make a DIY kaleidoscope

18 – Make homemade ice cream

19 – Create a pinwheel

20 – Freeze action figures or animals in water.

Allow your preschooler to figure out how to rescue the items.

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

21 – Make shaving cream art

22 – Play in the mud

23 – Jump in puddles

24 – Play I Spy

25 – Collect 20 of something — great counting practice 😉

26 – Plant a garden

27 – Make a paper bag puppet

28 – Create a nature suncatcher

29 – Paint on a clear shower curtain

30 – Make a bird bath using things you have at home

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

31 – Pick up trash around your community

32 – Make tree bark rubbings by wrapping paper around a tree. Rub crayons on the paper.

33 – Make a snack necklace

34 – Create a pet rock

35 – Stack rocks

36 – Play hopscotch

37 – Hammer golf tees into a watermelon

38 – Create stained glass art with contact paper and tissue paper

39 – Create something new out of pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, toilet paper tubes, or anything else you have lying around the house.

40 – Make a cleaning station sensory bin to clean toys

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

41 – Make a stick ladder on the grass

42 – Sponge paint

43 – Make baking soda and vinegar volcanos

44 – Add ice to a water table and play

45 – Make a cardboard tent

46 – Fill a spray bottle with water and create a drawing on a wooden fence or concrete

47 – Paint with a fly swatter

48 – Use a spray bottle filled with water to ‘erase’ numbers or letters written in chalk

49 – Fill a water table with water and pom poms

50 – Build a pretend campfire

51- Make a bird feeder

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

52- Make a smoothie

53 – Show how sunscreen works by ‘painting’ with it on black paper

54 – Use a pool noodle to keep a balloon from touching the ground

55 – Pick flowers and freeze them in a cup with water. Once frozen to get the flowers out of the ice.

56 – Cook something in a solar oven

57 – Draw a road with chalk and the ‘drive’ on it with toy cars

58 – Make leaf prints using paint and leaves

59 – Play paper plate memory

60 – Go on a scavenger hunt

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

61 – Make a fairy house

62 – Make a bug hotel

63 – Play freeze dance

64 – Play sink or float

65 – Go pool noodle fishing by cutting up a pool noodle and putting the rings into a kiddie pool. Use a butterfly net to try to get the pool noodle rings out of the pool.

66 – Make and play with sponge balls

67 – Paint on the sidewalk with water

68 – Make salt paintings

69 – Play bingo

70 – Finger paint

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

71 – Make a rock collection. Use an old egg carton to store them in.

72 – Make a worm and dirt dessert

73 – Make different shapes using rocks. Make it easier by drawing the shapes with chalk and having your kids place the rocks on the lines.

74 – Trace letters, numbers, or shapes using a Q tip and paint. Make it more challenging by writing the items in different colors and having your child match the color paint with the color that it is written in.

75 – Make fingerprint animals

76 – Paint pasta, then make it into a necklace

77 – Paint with a car, tractor, or animal by using it to make tracks

78 – Color a picture

79 – Make a ramp and race cars or balls down it

80 – Use play dough and animals to make “fossils”

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

81 – Use dry spaghetti and marshmallow to make a tower

82 – Paint with marshmallows

83 – Draw with a white crayon or colored pencil on white paper. Use watercolor paints to reveal what was written

84 – Make invisible ink pictures

85 – Use mess-free painting bags to practice color mixing. Then practice writing letters, numbers, shapes, or drawing pictures.

86 – Make homemade lemonade

87 – Bake a treat for a loved one

88 – Draw a picture for someone you love

89 – Build a fort

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

90 – Have a picnic

91 – Use anything but a paintbrush to paint

92 – Do a puzzle

93 – Build something with blocks

94 – Make dinosaur feet for your child to wear. Use cardboard to make huge feet. Allow your child to decorate.

95 – Go “ice skating” by placing paper plates under your feet

96 – Make homemade play dough. Try using dandelions to color it.

97 – Investigate flowers (sunflowers work great!)

98 – Make a mini marshmallow launcher

99 – Help cook dinner

100 – Place colored sheets of paper on the floor. Find items around the house that match the colors. Place the items on the paper. Set a timer to make it more fun!

101 – Make a cereal tower.

102- Place dry spaghetti standing up around a pile of play dough. Have your kids put the circular cereal (or beads) onto the dry spaghetti creating a tower.

101 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Activities for Preschoolers to do in the Summer

This list has many ideas that will keep your preschooler busy for hours.

Enjoy the sunshine and try out some of these summer preschool activities.


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