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Dinosaur Feet


You’re little one will love pretending she is a dinosaur after you make this dinosaur craft!

Dinosaur Feet Craft Activity

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Why Make Dinosaur Feet Craft

Just like animals, dinosaurs are a favorite among kids.

They are curious about what the dinosaurs did, looked like, ate, and how they were here one day and gone the next.

Dinosaurs are a great way to talk with your kids about the reasons why animals go extinct and how they can help animals that are endangered from going extinct.

You can look up what animals are endangered and see if there is a way you can help them from going extinct (like recycling, growing native plants, and visiting the zoo to learn more about endangered animals).

This dinosaur feet craft encouraged your kid to use his imagination.

While wearing the dinosaur feet, he can walk and roar like a dinosaur.

Help your kid to think about how a dinosaur would move.



Feet together like a waddle?

Dinosaur Feet Craft Activity

Try making tracks with the dinosaur feet.

By walking in sand, the feet will leave an imprint.

Walking in a puddle of water and then walking on the driveway will make a trail of footprints.

The water may make the cardboard start to break down so use caution if trying it.

Your kid needs to use more energy and muscles to move those big feet!

Wear your little one out by having him walk around in these.

Talk with him about why he thinks it is so much harder to walk when he has big dinosaur feet on.

He may just be tired enough to want to take a nap.

Where do dinosaurs sleep?

In a nest made of blankets?

Are you looking for more dinosaur-themed things to do?

Check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum Week 47: Dinosaurs.

This activity is part of dinosaur week.

Items Needed to Make Dinosaur Feet

  • printable (found in the Freebies Library)
  • marker
  • scissors/ box cutter
  • hole punch
  • cardboard or foamboard
Dinosaur Feet Craft Activity

How to Make Dinosaur Feet

1 – Download and print the dinosaur feet freebie printable.

2 – Cut out the printable.

3 – Trace the printable onto the cardboard.

By placing the template closer to the edge it will make it easier to cut out.

4 – Repeat tracing the template for the second foot.

5 – CAREFULLY cut out the feet. This is an *adult* job.

6 – Hole punch a hole for the string to go through on both the inside edge and outside edge of the foot.

7 – Lace the string through the holes. Have the ends of the laces on the top of the foot.

8 – Tie the dinosaur feet onto your little one while he is wearing shoes.

If needed, add a second set of holes and string to help the dinosaur feet stay on.

9 – Stomp around and roar!

Dinosaur Feet Craft Activity

Dinosaur Craft

This dinosaur craft is sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face as he stomps around pretending to be a dinosaur.

Take this time to sit back and relax as he tires himself out.


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