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Preschool July Themes

These preschool July themes will take your little ones all over the world. Grab your passport and come along!

Preschool July Themes

Ignite Curiosity and Adventure with Preschool July Themes

Preschoolers are curious creatures. Some may need more provoking than others, but once that inspiration hits, there is no turning back (which is a good thing).

The world needs curious kids to help create solutions to problems we don’t even know exist.

Preschool July themes are about sparking a love for adventure, no matter where you are.

Some kids may be heading off on a jet plane while others enjoy summer at home. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Preschool July Themes

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July Themes for Preschool


With the weather getting sunnier and warmer, some families head out on a camping adventure.

Some stay tucked inside their homes and set up (pretend) camp in their living room.

Whatever it may be, littles are sure to love learning about campfires, singing campfire songs, hearing and seeing different animals, and maybe even making a s’more.

To kick off your camping theme, try reading some books about camping.

USA and the Presidents

July 4th tends to be a big holiday in the USA.

Use this as an opportunity to learn about the country and some presidents.

Talking about the president’s job can also happen during this July preschool theme.

Preschool July Themes

Rainforest Exploration

Head into the rainforest and learn about the different levels and animals that call the rainforest home.

With the rainforest being the most diverse place on Earth, there are many living things you can talk about and study.

The water cycle can be brought up if you haven’t already talked about it.

You may even wish to get a rain gauge and track how much rain you get each day and compare it to the rainforest.

Postal Office

What preschooler doesn’t love getting something in the mail? Bring the postal service to your living room with this fun pick for the preschool July themes.

Junk mail return envelopes are put to great use in a post office dramatic play area.

Stickers can be used for stamps.

Have plenty of scrap paper and boxes available for all your little one’s shipping needs.

You may even want to number the rooms in your house to use as addresses to deliver the mail to.

If you are quite crafty and handy with a glue gun, felt envelopes can make it even easier to mail items repeatedly.

Preschool July Themes


Each month, starting in January, there is a new continent introduced.

The continent addition to the preschool July themes is Antarctica.

This is the last continent to cover if you have been doing the continent each month.

Show the continent’s location on a globe and talk about the climate, animals, food, and culture.

Look at landmarks or monuments to help make the continent memorable for your little one.

This will look a bit different for Antarctica because of its location and living conditions.

Establishing the routine with the other continents, it is sure to be a stark contrast to the rest when it comes to all of the elements above.

On a Safari in the Savanna

Round out the July themes for preschool list with a trip to the savanna.

You can talk about the climate, animals, and what someone would wear to visit the savanna. Read books about going on a safari in the savannah.

You may want to show where there are savannas on the globe.

Many live animal cameras on YouTube show savanna animals.

Preschool July Themes

Bringing Preschool July Themes to Your Preschoolers

Adventure awaits! What one of the preschool July themes will you start with to ignite curiosity in your little one?

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