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Children’s Horse Books

Ride off into the sunset with your little one.

Jump off storytime with these amazing children’s horse books. 

horse books for preschoolers

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Horse and pony books for preschoolers are sure to take the win with little animal lovers. 

A very popular subject among young children, horses are kind, gentle, and majestic creatures. 

Cater to the curiosity of your students and share stories with them that highlight horses and the like. 

Some of the best horse books for children are those that will both teach and inspire them. 

Saddle up and get your little ones ready to learn all about horses with a variety of different stories. 

From informational reads to magical tales, books about horses are educational and engaging for toddlers. 

Trot down this list of exciting books about horses for little learners. 

horse books for preschoolers

Stories About Horses for Preschoolers

A Little Horse by Brick Puffington 

Introduce little ones to horses with this interactive board book made for preschoolers. 

The finger puppet will encourage imaginative play and create a unique learning experience for toddlers. 

A Little Colt by Cottage Door Press

Learn all about baby horses in this wonderful read. 

Combining a gentle story with factual tidbits, this book is both interesting and informative.

Noni the Pony by Alison Lester

Share this charming horse book about fun and friendship with preschoolers.

This rhyming read is very entertaining and engaging for early learners. 

My Pony by Susan Jeffers

Go on an incredible journey through the stars with this magical tale.

Endearing and inspiring, children and adults will both adore this horse story. 

My Blue-Ribbon Horse: The True Story of the Eighty-Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts

Inspire young students with this horse book based on real-life events.

The delightful illustrations and incredible storyline send a positive message to readers to never give up. 

horse books for preschoolers

Robert the Rose Horse by Joan Heilbroner

In this fantastic story, children will meet a horse named Robert, who just so happens to be allergic to roses. 

This book is a charming tale for readers of all ages.

Happy the Helping Horse by Phyllis E Gentry 

Deliver an important life lesson by sharing this true story with little ones. 

Students and teachers alike will fall in love with this sweet read. 

Horses by Laura Driscoll 

Take a look at the different types of horses that there are. 

Filled with beautiful photographs and lots of information, this book is a great read for young learners. 

National Geographic Readers: Trot, Pony! by Shira Evans

Teach preschooler students about ponies with this informative book. 

The simple text and colorful pictures make this a wonderful educational resource for children. 

Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse by Rebecca Janni 

Inspire using big imagination with this creative story about a little girl who wants a horse. 

Perfect for reading aloud, this book makes a great addition to every homeschool book basket. 

horse books for preschoolers

Toddler Books About Horses

Inspire young students with toddler books about horses.

From true tales to make-believe adventures, this collection of horse stories for children will find a happy home in any preschool library. 

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