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5 Fun Ways to Teach Preschoolers Words

Learning should be fun!

Here are five fun ways to help your little one learn some new preschool words without her knowing she is learning.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Words

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Why Teach Preschoolers Words

You have probably heard that your preschooler’s brain is like a sponge.

Preschoolers are constantly absorbing things they come in contact with.

Help your little one to learn more preschool words with the fun activities below.

By teaching your preschooler sight words, you are helping her to learn to read.

Sight words are words that occur in high frequency in books and other written material.

They form a foundation for your little one when it comes to her learning to read!

Knowing more words will help your preschooler when it comes to comprehending the material.

The more familiar your little one is with certain words, the easier time she will have reading about that topic because she already knows what the word means.

This is true for more than just preschool words!

5 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Words

Five Ways to Teach Preschoolers Words

Here are five fun ways your preschooler may like to practice identifying and writing preschool words:

Vocabulary Cards

When learning about a topic, print off some vocabulary cards that go along with your topic.

Using these words when talking about the topic help your littles to learn how to use them.

Something as simple as using weather words when talking about the weather will help to expand your little one’s vocabulary.

We have some weather vocabulary cards already made for you.

Find the weather vocabulary cards here.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Words

Write in Shaving Cream or Whipped Cream

Make learning new words a full sensory experience with shaving cream or whipped cream.

You can show your little one a card with the preschool word on it and have her write the word in the shaving cream.

If you want to challenge your little one and you think she is ready, give her a word and have her write it in the shaving cream.

Read, Write, and Make Mats

Print and go with this great preschool word activity!

Your little one will place a word card in the read-it section.

She will read the word, then write the word, and lastly, make the word with individual letters.

You can use this with sight words or write in your own words on the blank cards.

Place the sheet in a dry erase sleeve to make it easy to use again and again!

Find read, write, and make mats here.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Words

Sidewalk Chalk

Your little one will love choosing which color she uses for her preschool words.

Have her write her sight words (or any words!) with chalk.

She can erase her words with a spray bottle or wet rag.

Before she erases her work, you can call out a word and she can run to it and stand on it.

Making it into a game will make it even more fun!

Build them with Blocks, Rocks, Cards, etc.

You can have your little one use letter blocks or cards to make the words.

To take it a step further and to challenge her, have her form the letters for each word with rocks or sticks.

The possibilities are endless.

Marshmallows or pretzel sticks would also be great objects to form letters and preschool words.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Words

Preschool Words

Help your little one to learn and identify words by making learning fun with these preschool words activities.

Your little one may not even know he is learning!


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