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25 Ways to Teach Kids about Winter Sports

There are many exciting winter sports to learn about. Here are 25 ideas for ways to keep learning fun and engaging.

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

Why Teach about Winter Sports

Winter sports catch the eye of the public every four years when they are publically televised.

When this happens, little ones may be curious about the sport and how it is played.

Dive deep into learning about winter sports when this happens.

Learning about new games and sports shows preschoolers that there are more fun activities to do in the winter besides building a snowman or sledding.

It also opens their eyes to the idea that other places around the world do things differently— and that’s okay (and a good thing)!

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

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Exciting Ways to Teach about Winter Sports

1. Snowboarding

Watch videos or documentaries on snowboarding and discuss its history and techniques.

2. Ice Hockey

Visit a local ice rink and watch a youth ice hockey game.

3. Skiing

Take your child to a beginner’s skiing lesson or watch professional skiing competitions online.

4. Figure Skating

Attend a local figure skating show or watch professional skaters’ performances online.

5. Bobsleigh

Learn about the physics and mechanics of bobsleigh racing through hands-on experiments using toy cars.

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

6. Curling

Create a mini curling game using paper plates as stones and brooms to sweep them across the floor.

7. Speed Skating

Have a mini speed skating competition in your backyard or at an ice rink.

8. Ski Jumping

Watch ski jumping videos and discuss the technique and skills required.

9. Luge

Make a homemade luge track using cardboard or plastic sheets and have sliding races.

10. Biathlon

Set up a target practice activity with toy bows and arrows or foam dart guns.

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

11. Cross-Country Skiing

Go on a family cross-country skiing adventure on nearby trails or simulate the motion indoors using furniture sliders.

12. Snowshoeing

Explore snowshoeing by renting or borrowing snowshoes and taking a hike in the snow.

13. Ice Skating

Take your child to an ice skating rink and teach them basic ice skating techniques.

14. Freestyle Skating

Watch freestyle skiing competitions or videos to see athletes perform tricks and jumps.

15. Nordic Combined

Discuss the combination of ski jumping and cross-country skiing and how they complement each other.

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

16. Skeleton

Create a mini skeleton track using a cardboard tube or slide and have small toys slide down it.

17. Ice Dancing

Watch ice dancing performances and encourage your child to create their own dance routines on ice or at home.

18. Snowboarding Halfpipe

Introduce your child to snowboarding halfpipe competitions through videos and discuss the skills and creativity involved.

19. Ice Hockey Shootout

Set up a mini ice hockey shootout game using small goals or target boards.

20. Alpine Skiing Slalom

Create a mini slalom course in your backyard using cones or household items for your child to navigate through.

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

21. Ice Cross Downhill

Discuss the excitement of ice cross downhill races and create a mini obstacle course for toy figurines to slide down.

22. Ski Cross

Set up a friendly ski cross race between family members or friends using small hurdles in the snow or indoors.

23. Synchronized Skating

Watch synchronized skating performances online and encourage your child to create synchronized movements with friends.

24. Snowboard Cross

Discuss snowboard cross racing while watching videos, and then set up a small obstacle course for you snowboarders to navigate through.

25. Ice Hockey Passing Drills

Teach your child various passing techniques used in ice hockey, such as sauce passes or one-touch passes, and practice them together.

APA 25 Ways to Teach Kids About Winter Sports

Having Fun with Winter Sports

There are many ways to bring the fun of winter sports into your home this winter.

Pick a few to try out with your little one this chilly season.

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