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Books About Sports for Preschoolers

Are your little ones sports fans?

These books about sports for preschoolers are game changers for homeschool!

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On your mark…Get set…Go!

Excite little learners by sharing a variety of sports stories with your favorite kiddos. 

With so many different games and activities, preschoolers have a lot to discover when it comes to the wide world of sports. 

From football and baseball to gymnastics and figure skating, children can expand their knowledge of sports through books.  

Preschool books about sports are great to read during a game unit, teamwork lesson, and even for an exercise study. 

Through sports stories, toddlers will become familiar with concepts such as self-discovery, inclusiveness, sharing, and more.

Jump into this list of amazing sports books for children!

books about sports for preschoolers

Sports Books for Toddlers

Let’s Play Sports by Nancy Hall

Introduce football, baseball, soccer, and basketball to little ones with this sports box set. 

Made for young readers, these board books are perfect for preschool. 

Sports are Fantastic Fun! by Ole Könnecke 

Talk about the details of sports with preschoolers. 

From cycling to tennis, this fun read covers many different activities.  

Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics by Yossi Lapid

Explore winter sports by sharing this unique rhyming book. 

Filled with full-page watercolors, this picture book teaches preschoolers about hard work, playing fair, and being honest. 

Find Spot at the Stadium by Eric Hill

Engage toddlers with this lift-the-flap book about spending the day at a sports stadium. 

Children will search for Spot and learn about different sports with this adorable preschool story. 

A Feel Better Book for Little Sports by Leah Bowen 

Learn about all the feelings associated with playing games. 

This rhyming read teaches with colorful images and easy-to-understand text.  

Books about deserts for preschoolers

When I Grow Up – Sports Heroes by DK 

Inspire preschoolers with this incredible board book about real-life athletes. 

The amazing illustrations combined with true photographs will excite and engage little ones.  

Curious George and The Summer Games by H. A. Rey

Discover summer games with Curious George. 

From beginning to end, this book will delight young readers.

ABCs of Balls by Nina Snyder 

Tackle sports balls and the alphabet at the same time. 

This educational read has vivid imagery and simple phrases that are perfect for teaching little learners. 

Clothesline Clues to Sports People Play by Kathryn Heling

Share this one-of-a-kind book about sports uniforms and equipment with young readers. 

The playful and interactive storyline will keep kids guessing right up until the end.  

ABC Sports for Kids by Roy Jelinek

Uncover sports from A to Z with this preschool book. 

Inspiring and interesting, this book is a must-have for small sports fans.  

The Best Preschool Sports Books

Get in the game with this collection of the best preschool sports books around. 

These reads are filled with colorful images and simple text, which make them perfect for preschool students. 

From truthful tales to imaginary games, these sporty stories will engage and educate little learners. 

What sports books do you think you would like to share with your preschoolers? 

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