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Cat Preschool Craft

Bring an animal unit to life with this adorable cat preschool craft.

Little ones can make their cat as unique as they like.

Cat Preschool Craft

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Crafts with Preschoolers

Allowing little ones to be creative is integral to a preschooler’s development.

They become more confident in their abilities when they can bring their visions to life.

This cute cat preschool craft can be changed to create any color cat the preschoolers dream up.

Shapes are discussed with the circle plate and eyes and the triangle ears and nose.

When these shapes are pointed out to preschoolers, it makes it easier for the preschooler to see that items all around are made up of basic shapes.

Cat Preschool Craft

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Preschoolers will work on many different skills while making a cat preschool craft.

However, drawing, coloring in the lines, making different shapes, cutting, and making decisions are only the beginning.

How do preschoolers get better at making decisions?

By practicing, of course.

Simple preschool crafts like this one are a great way to give preschoolers the power to make decisions.

Let preschoolers make the decisions in this cat preschool craft.

The location of the eyes, the fur color and pattern, and how to whiskers look are all decisions preschoolers can make.

Maybe all these decisions making skills will transfer to your preschooler making quicker decisions at home (a mom can hope).

Cat Preschool Craft

Items Needed to Make a Cat Preschool Craft

-paper plate


construction paper

-googly eyes (optional)




Cat Preschool Craft

How to Make a Cat Preschool Craft

1. Talk with your preschooler about what colored cat she wants to make.

Decide if the cat will be all one color or multiple colors.

2. Using black paper, cut out small circles for the eyes.

Do NOT attach them to the plate yet. (Skip if using googly eyes).

3. Decide where the spots in the fur will be.

This is easier if the eyes are set on the plate (but not glued down).

If the cat preschool craft is all one color, you may want to grab out paint to have your little one paint the color.

Or use a marker to color the plate a solid color.

Cat Preschool Craft

4. Outline the colored fur spots.

5. Remove eyes from the plate and color in the fur spots.

6. Attach the eyes to the plate with glue.

Cat Preschool Craft

7. Draw a triangle with the point facing the bottom of the plate.

8. Using a black marker, draw a small line from the tip of the triangle toward the bottom of the plate.

Curve the line into a J (to the left).

Then, draw a backward J (to the right).

This will create the cat’s mouth.

9. Add dots around the nose and mouth for the whiskers to come out of.

Have your preschooler draw lines from the dots out toward the edge of the plate.

Cat Preschool Craft

10. Cut out triangles for the ears.

Colored construction paper can be used to make colored ears.

If there isn’t the colored paper you need, color the paper with markers.

Draw smaller triangles inside the bigger triangle to show the ear’s inside.

11. Glue (or tape) the triangles to the back of the plate.

12. Hang up and enjoy the cat preschool craft.

Cat Preschool Craft

Preschool Cat Craft

Perfect for the cat lover or an animal unit, this cat preschool craft is an easy, low-prep craft.

You may already have all of the items you need for this craft.

Yay for simple preschool crafts!

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