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Children’s Books About Disabilities

Every person is unique and special.

Share these incredible children’s books about disabilities with your preschoolers!

Disabilities books for preschoolers

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Books about disabilities are essential to share with young learners.

Stories that teach about a variety of different abilities among people are a wonderful tool to have in every classroom. 

They can help readers to reflect on disabilities in a respectful and empathetic manner. 

Through an assortment of good books, children (and adults, too) will gain an understanding of some of the challenges and emotions that people with disabilities may experience every day. 

Introduce some of these books into your classroom to begin exploring different abilities. 

Disabilities books for preschoolers

Explore Different Abilities Through Stories 

Meeting Mimi: A Story About Different Abilities by Francie Dolan

Make a new friend named Mimi in this incredible story. 

Sharing information about diversity, different abilities, and friendship, this book is a great beginner read to introduce the concept of acceptance. 

My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay by Cari Best

Meet a blind first grader named Zulay who finds that she can do anything she sets her mind to. 

The rhythmic text and fun illustrations give this book a fresh take on positivity.

When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb

Teach children how to interact with those who have disabilities. 

This book about friendship will help teach young ones about the power of being kind to those who may not look the same.

Different–A Great Thing to Be! by Heather Avis

Explore how great it is to be different with this incredible story. 

The rhyming phrases deliver an important message to both children and adults that help readers of all ages to embrace the differences that make us unique. 

I Talk Like a River by Jordan Scott

Based on personal experiences, this book talks about the truths of being a child with a stutter.

This uplifting story is perfect for young learners who are feeling lost or lonely because of the challenges they may be experiencing.

Disabilities books for preschoolers

Completely Me by Justine Green 

Learn a lesson about acceptance with this heartfelt story. 

Readers will begin to understand how to interact with others who may have different abilities from others. 

Can Bears Ski? by Raymond Antrobus 

Join a young bear as he uncovers what it’s like to be hard of hearing. 

Through lyrical prose and colorful imagery, this powerful book introduces preschoolers to deaf experiences in a thoughtful way. 

Everyone Belongs by Heather Avis

Make room for differences with this awesome read! 

Inspiring and encouraging, this book reminds us that we need to give every person a chance to shine in their own way.

Can I Play Too? by Samantha Cotterill

Encourage students to learn more about themselves and others in this delightful tale of friendship. 

One of four books in the Little Senses series, this story in particular highlights the importance of compromise and communication with neurodiverse children.

What Happened to You? by James Catchpole

Begin to understand how those with limb differences feel with this enjoyable read. 

Perfect to use as a discussion starter among young learners, this book introduces the topic of being disabled just beautifully.

Disabilities books for preschoolers

Books About Disabilities for Preschoolers

From stories written by disabled authors to imaginative tales with unique characters, books about different abilities shed a bit of insight into the disabled world.

This collection of great reads centered around disabilities provide a way for young learners to learn and grow both their minds and their hearts. 

Any one of these inspiring stories will make a wonderful addition to your homeschool preschool library.

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