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Rainbow Slushies Recipe for Kids

Make a rainbow appear at snack time with rainbow slushies.

Easy and fun to make, your preschooler is sure to ask for them again and again.

ainbow Slushies Recipe for Kids

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Why Make Rainbow Slushies

From St. Patrick’s Day to a dreary Tuesday, rainbow slushies are sure to brighten anyone’s mood.

They look amazing and taste great!

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a refreshing treat that looks this beautiful?

When it comes to making rainbow slushies, it is as simple as can be.

Take your colorful ice pops and a meat mallet (the flat side) and crush the ice pops.

Preschoolers LOVE this smashing part.

It’s a great way to get your homeschooler involved in the kitchen.

Rainbow order is practiced while making the rainbow slushies.

If you have done any other rainbow crafts, you can have your little one look at the rainbow to see what order to put the colors into the cup.

If you don’t have a rainbow handy, you can either look one up or tell your preschooler the colors.

Have her pick out the ice pop that is that color to help reinforce color recognition.

The whole ice pop isn’t used for one rainbow slushie.

You will need to cut the ice pop into thirds or halves to get all the colors to fit into your clear cup.

Because of this, your little one will be exposed to fractions.

She will see that the blue ice pop was cut into three pieces and that when the three pieces are lined up back together, they are the same size as the purple ice pop.

ainbow Slushies Recipe for Kids

Items Needed for Rainbow Slushies

-ice pops, frozen (all the colors of the rainbow)

-meat mallet with a smooth side or something similar to crush the ice pops

-clear cup



ainbow Slushies Recipe for Kids

How To Make a Rainbow Slushie

1- Crush the ice pops with the meat mallet.

Be sure to use the smooth side so that the ice pop wrapper doesn’t get punctured.

You want the ice pops to be a slush consistency.

2- Grab the red ice pop and put a third of the ice pop into the bottom of the cup.

3- Use the tip of your spoon to flatten the ice pop across the bottom of the clear cup.

4- Cut the orange ice pop into thirds.

Put one of them into the cup that already has the red in the bottom.

5- Gently spread the orange ice pop around.

Again, use the tip of the spoon to avoid mixing the red with the orange.

6- Continue to layer the colored ice pops in the clear cup to make rainbow slushies.

**Rainbow order is: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple**

7- Give rainbow slushies to your little ones (and yourself) and enjoy the delicious treat.

ainbow Slushies Recipe for Kids

Rainbow Slushies

Rainbow slushies are a tasty way to practice colors and learn rainbow order.

With ice pops able to be stored for a long time in the freezer, you will be able to make this fun treat time and time again.


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