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Truffula Trees Craft

Turn a simple paper plate into a whimsical Truffula tree craft that will turn any room into a vibrant place. They are easy to make, too!

Trufulla Trees Craft

Benefits of Making Crafts with Kids

Crafts are often viewed as “if we have time” activities.

They are pushed to the back burner for rainy days.

But why? There are many incredible benefits of making crafts with kids.

From learning and exploring to language and fine motor development, crafts are where it’s at when it comes to activities packing an educational punch.

Doing a craft will naturally pique a little one’s interest.

Take this Truffula tree craft, for example.

Littles are sure to want to know how this craft came to be.

They may ask if these trees are real or came from a book.

This leads to a great discussion about trees AND about books.

Trufulla Trees Craft

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With this new conversation, new words and ideas are taught to your little one.

Even if she doesn’t ask questions about the Truffula tree craft, the preschooler is still hearing the adult explain what to do and may have a conversation about it.

These small conversations are the practice littles need to build their confidence in speaking and following directions.

Trufulla Trees Craft

Crafts are also a great way to build up your little one’s confidence.

She will feel pride and “I DID IT!” once she completes the Truffula tree craft.

Some littles even find crafting relaxing and help regulate their emotions.

We can’t forget to include the extraordinary fine motor skills of ripping the tissue paper, crumpling it, and placing it, which will happen while doing this fun book-based craft.

Who knew that doing a simple Truffula tree craft could help with these things and more?

Items Needed to Make a Truffula Tree Craft

  • small paper plates
  • popsicle sticks
  • pink and yellow paint
  • paint brush
  • glue
  • tissue paper
  • tape
Trufulla Trees Craft

Truffula Trees Craft How To

1. Paint yellow and pink stripes on the popsicle (craft). These are trunks of the Truffula trees. You may want to paint one color with thicker stripes and one color with thinner stripes. Lines can be painted straight across or at a slight diagonal.

2. While the paint is drying, rip the colored tissue paper into small pieces.

This is a perfect job for little hands!

Trufulla Trees Craft

3. Crumble the small pieces of colored tissue paper.

This is another wonderful job for your preschooler!

4. Place glue all over the small paper plate and put the crumbled pieces of colored tissue paper all over the plate until it is completely covered.

Be sure to push the tissue paper down so it sticks to the glue.

5. Once the paint on the popsicle sticks has dried, attach the trunk of the tree to the back of the small paper plate using tape.

Trufulla Trees Craft

Things to Do with the Truffula Trees Craft

Use as Party Decorations

Having a Dr. Seuss-themed party? Use the Truffula trees as decorations or table centerpieces.

Recreate Favorite Page

After reading The Lorax, use the Truffula trees craft to recreate your preschooler’s favorite part.

Bring Color to a Reading Nook

Create book-based crafts to use to decorate reading areas in a fun and original way.

What’s better than enjoying good books, making fun crafts, and then having decorations that remind little ones of the fun stories they have read?!

Trufulla Trees Craft

Dr. Seuss Themed Craft

Let your little one’s creativity run wild when it comes to choosing colors and combinations for this Truffula tree craft. They are both fun to make and fun to look at.

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