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Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

Take learning the alphabet to a new (fun) level with this letter A craft. Turning the letter A into an alligator is easy and fun.

Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

Why Make a Letter A Craft

Help with Letter Sound Memorization

It can be challenging when littles are starting to learn what sounds are associated with what letters. There are so many sounds and so many letters.

Assigning an animal that starts with the sound to the specific letter helps preschoolers remember the sound.

They will forever remember that A is for Alligator because they had the experience of turning A into an alligator.

Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

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Fine Motor Practice

Both coloring and cutting can be practiced in this letter A craft. If your little one isn’t quite ready to cut out everything, that’s okay, too!

The letter A has nice flat sides, making it easier to cut out than most letters. It’s the perfect starting letter.

Create a Letter Alphabet Reference Wall (or Book)

As you may have guessed, this letter A craft is the first of its kind in a whole alphabet series.

Once your preschooler has completed the letter A craft, hang it up in a space with ample room to add the rest of the alphabet.

Or try hole-punching the letter A on craft paper and making an alphabet book.

Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

Where to Get the Letter A Craft Printable

Sign up below to download the free printable.

Looking for the whole alphabet? Get the complete A to Z set in our shop!

Materials Needed

  • Letter A craft Alligator printable
  • glue
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • blank sheet of paper to glue craft on (construction paper or printer paper)

How to Make the Letter A Craft

1. Print out the letter A craft printable.

2. Color the letter A and the two big circles.

3. Trace the letters for the word alligator.

Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

4. Cut out all of the items using the dotted lines. Feel free to let your preschooler do the cutting if they are capable.

5. Glue the A on its side in the middle of the paper.

6. Place and glue the word alligator at the bottom of the sheet of paper.

7. Stack the eyes on the green circles and glue them together.

Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

8. Put the teeth on the inside of the ‘legs’ of the A. Add the eyes to the top of the alligator, near where the two legs of the A come together.

9. Glue everything down.

10. Display and add to your alphabet with the other letter crafts!

Letter A Craft: Alligator Activity

Alligator Craft

Creating a letter A craft alligator is as easy as printing the printable, coloring, and cutting out.

There is very little prep work, making it perfect for a busy day (or a day you need a minute to yourself while your little one colors).

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