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One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

Bring your favorite Dr. Seuss storybook to life with this fun One Fish, Two Fish fishbowl craft. You can even serve snack on it, too!

One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

Why Make a Fishbowl Craft

Painting is a beautiful way for little ones to use their creativity while working on fine motor skills and using their senses.

With the base layer of this fishbowl craft being blue, it is the perfect time to talk about colors and identify them.

Adding green for the plants, brown or tan for the pebbles, and all the different colored fish crackers, many colors are being reviewed.

If your little ones are learning about fish and other creatures in the water, this fishbowl craft is a great way to let them make a little model of water-based creatures and plants.

One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

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Counting and sorting will be practiced when this one-fish, two-fish fishbowl craft is complete.

Sort the fish crackers by color or practice counting them.

This activity pairs perfectly with Dr. Seuss’s book One Fish Two Fish.

If you celebrate Dr. Seuss week with your little ones at the beginning of March, this may be an excellent fishbowl craft to incorporate.

Even if you don’t celebrate, your littles will surely enjoy making this craft.

Items You Will Need

  • paper plate
  • paint (or other coloring tools)
  • glue or tape
  • child-safety scissors
  • colored fish crackers (to serve); optional but fun!
One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

How to Make a One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

1. Cut the top quarter off the paper plate. Don’t throw it out, though! We will need it later.

2. Paint or color the main circle blue to look like water. You may want to leave some white at the top to look like the water isn’t all the way to the top.

Play around with different brush strokes to make it look like waves.

One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

3. Paint the part that was cut from the top of the plate a contrasting color. This will turn into the stand for the fishbowl.

4. Once the blue paint has dried, decorate like a fishbowl by adding green plants and some brownish pebbles to the bottom of the tank using paint.

5. After everything has dried, turn the fishbowl stand so the flat side is on the bottom.

One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

6. Set the blue-painted fishbowl to touch the curve of the fishbowl stand.

7. Attach them using glue or tape.

8. Add colored fish crackers to the fishbowl craft and curl up to read your favorite Dr. Seuss books together.

One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

Ways to Make It Your Own

Paint Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wrap with wet paint to give the bottom of the fishbowl tank a textured pebble look.

Use Paper, Too

Make the plants stand out more by cutting out strips of green paper instead of painting them.

This provides a great way to practice using scissors, too.

Plants are naturally not straight, making them perfect for a preschooler to cut out with scissors.

Make Paper Fish

If you don’t want to use fish crackers, you can cut out little fish from construction paper (and really have a red fish and a blue fish).

One Fish, Two Fish Fishbowl Craft

Fishbowl Craft

A fishbowl craft that doubles as a way to serve a snack is a win in our book!

Fewer dishes and more fun; yes, please!

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