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Letter U Craft: Urchin Activity

Poke on over to grab this quick and easy letter U craft. Plus, you can learn about a new sea creature, too.

Letter U Craft Urchin Activity

What is an Urchin?

Sea urchins are invertebrate (have no backbone) sea creatures. They are part of the same family as sea dollars, sea stars, and sea cucumbers.

They have a round, hard shell and are covered in spines. They live in the ocean and come in many colors, including red, green, purple, brown, and pink. Different species are different colors.

The spines can come off the urchin and get stuck in whatever bothers it (including humans).

Sea urchins are a delicacy enjoyed by people all over the world.

Letter U Craft Urchin Activity

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Where to Grab the Free Letter U Craft Printable

Fill in the box below to grab this free letter U craft printable.

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Materials Needed for the Urchin Craft

*Letter U craft printable (see above)

*crayons or markers



*blank sheet of paper

How to Make a Letter U Craft

Before you start, you may want to talk about sea urchins and show your little learner what a sea urchin looks like.

Now, on to the craft…

1. Print out the letter U craft.

2. Color in all of the items and trace the word ‘urchin’ at the bottom of the sheet. Because sea urchins come in such vast colors, there are many great colors to choose from.

Letter U Craft Urchin Activity

3. Cut out all the items and trim the extra paper around the word ‘urchin.’

Encourage your little learner to try to cut out the letter U as best as possible. You may want to help with the little spines if you sense it’s too much for your little one.

4. Place the blank sheet of paper so the long side goes up and down.

Letter U Craft Urchin Activity

5. Have your little one find the word ‘urchin’ and glue it to the very bottom of the sheet of paper.

6. Glue the letter U in the center of the paper.

Letter U Craft Urchin Activity

7. Add on the eyes to the top of the arms of the U.

8. Grab the spines and glue them around the urchin craft so they are sticking out. There is no wrong way to do this.

Letter U Craft Urchin Activity

Urchin Craft

This letter U craft is simple to print, simple to color, and simple to put together. Let your little one take the lead with this urchin craft to boost their independence and critical thinking.

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