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Printable Bookmarks Christmas Craft

Homemade gifts seem to go over well with most people… especially when kids make them. This Christmas craft won’t disappoint!

Christmas Printable Bookmarks

It seems like someone is always forgotten on the Christmas gift list.

This Christmas craft is the perfect opportunity to have some handmade gifts on hand that will pair perfectly with a chocolate bar and a mug (and maybe a gift card to buy a book, too).

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Why Making a Bookmark Christmas Craft is So Great for Preschoolers

Teaching little ones the wonder of making something with their hands is amazing.

They put hard work into a task and make it match their idea of what they want it to look like.

Then, they are given the opportunity to give someone else the bookmarks that they spent so much time on.

Your little ones are sure to be in awe when the Christmas craft they make is looked at with such admiration.

Fine motor skills and attention to detail are worked on when little ones create these Christmas bookmarks.

Despite not being able to color inside the lines perfectly, this Christmas craft provides opportunities for little ones to try.

If using crayons or colored pencils, the solid lines will still be visible, so the images that are being colored can be made out.

Ideas for Materials to Decorate It

  • colored pencils
  • crayons
  • markers
  • glitter cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • construction paper
  • cut-out shapes
  • glitter (only if the bookmarks will be laminated)
  • yarn, string, chenille stem (to make tassels)

How to Make It

1. Print out the Christmas craft template below. You can also sign-in or, if you’re already signed in, just click the link below to download it right away!

Psssst! You can try printing these on printer paper.

Be sure to glue it onto thicker paper, like construction paper, when you are done to make it a bit more sturdy.

2. If sharing the bookmarks between multiple kids, cut the bookmarks apart.

3. Allow your little ones to color the bookmarks.

4. Then, cut out the bookmarks (if not done already).

The reason for waiting to cut apart the bookmarks is that the paper outside the bookmark catches some of the crayon, marker, and colored pencil marks that are inevitably being colored outside the lines.

This saves you from scrubbing the marks off the kitchen table. 🙂


Add a Background Paper

Choose a paper to use as a background for the bookmark.

Colored construction paper and glitter cardstock are great for bringing in a pop of color and fun.

Cut out the paper a little bit longer and wider than the bookmark.

Glue the bookmark to the paper.

Add On Extra Elements

Add extras like cut-out shapes, glitter, or stamps to the bookmark.

Laminate the Bookmark

Use contact paper to laminate the bookmark to make it more sturdy.

Be sure to do this BEFORE attaching a tassel. 😉

Attach a Tassel

Hole punch a hole near the top of the bookmark and thread a piece of yarn through it to make a tassel.

Tie the yarn onto the bookmark.

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Free Christmas Bookmark

Help your little one to spread the Christmas cheer by making her own Christmas craft to give out as gifts.

Gifts that are handmade with lots of love are the best gifts around!

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